Thursday, July 21, 2011

Taming Led Zeppelin Breakthrough - Video!

There just aren't words to describe it! Just watch this!

Cute, right?? He just randomly let us start brushing him. He's always been too wary of brushes to let us get close, but I guess the itchiness finally won out. :) We've both brushed him several more times so it's not a fluke. We still can't walk to his right side although we can reach over him, so I'll use clicker training to work on that some more. I'm so excited! The phone ringing didn't even spook him. He just flinched a little. :)

He's looking good. Still not quite shed completely out, but getting close. The long hairs on his belly are kind of cute. He's filled out a lot over the last year too. He turned four sometime this year. :) I'm excited he's finally starting to trust us. I think it's because he's jealous that Chrome and Faran are getting all of the attention hehe.


  1. OMG! That is so great. I could just hear him..."ahhhh, little to the left ahhhh, little down...aaaahhh." He looked like he was going to doze off too! I know this is a huge milestone for you. I think your right, he wanted to get in on some of that treat action! That is really great! Of course, Chrome had to noodle his way in there too, that was funny.

  2. That's a huge step and he looked so chilled about it too! Brilliant work, really goes to show how love and patience pays off :)

  3. Zep's ears are gigantic! Never noticed that before. And Chrome is a total diva getting in the way of the camera (that, I have noticed before).

    Zep was in to it! I bet it felt great. He even got his under carriage done. What a wonderful movie.

    Mango Momma

  4. Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!!

    Good job Zep, and good job to you and your husband.

    I know how much you've worked with him and that you've taken the time and gone slowly. Great to see that he is coming around more and everything is paying off. :)



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