Friday, July 1, 2011

Chrome's Liberty Clicker Training

Sorry I don't have any pictures for those of you who can't view videos. Here is a video showing the work I've done with Chrome at liberty. I was working without a target, but he didn't have anything to focus on and was unmotivated in this horrible humid heat. The target has allowed me to work on his trot in hand and to keep his head low so that he learns to use his back correctly. :) I'm excited. He looks so gorgeous doing his pretty trot. Please ignore me in the video. I was moving sticks and rocks out of the little area we were working on so my husband could mow and I look like crap. I also went straight out after work so I wasn't really dressed for video taking or horse work lol. Let me know what you think.

Oh and the things we need to work on are the treat taking. He's coming at my hand with a gaping mouth again. I think it's because I forgot to feed him before I worked with him. The other thing is when we halt he likes to bump into me. Actually he likes to be too close in general which is the main reason I brought the target stick back out. It helps create space between us. :)


  1. That was really good! A little bit into the video, yur hubby corrected you, I had to laugh. I think the little "ledster" is ready for clicker training, he really is cute. Chrome seems to really have fun working with you. I just can't get over how pretty he is! And smart too!

    I got your message, makes sense to try the treat, click 15 times then move on to a toy I think. I was trying to post the video privately so you could see it, after an hour of uploading, it disapeared somewhere in cyberland, I will work on it again and send you an e-mail for viewing, not ready to put it on my blog yet. I will send you a heads up on your blog when it's ready.
    I really enjoyed the video!


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