Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bath Time

Today is my day off and it's around eighty degrees outside so I decided to give Chrome a bath. I want to try to do better about washing his mane this summer and see if I can keep him from rubbing it out. So of course I took tons of pictures, so I hope you have fast internet lol. Enjoy!

"You are not getting that water near me!"

I love this picture. This was only his second real bath ever (first this year) and he did so great. :) I hosed him off a few times last year and he stood in the sprinklers to cool off last summer, so he's not a stranger to water, but for his first bath of the year I thought the did fantastic. He didn't try to pull back although he did move around some. I can't blame him though, that water is cold!

Zep is curious, but staying clear of the water. :)

I felt bad here, but couldn't help laughing. I was washing his tail and got his dock (tailbone) in the cold water and he hunched up. Poor guy. He didn't try to touch the fence though, just tucked his tail trying to get away from the cold water. Nice back stretch hehe.

"Hey mom, don't do that again please! I like to have feeling in my tail!"

Bath time is not his favorite activity. Poor guy. He was so patient though.

It was really windy too! Love my laid back guy.
Also want to mention the hideous green paint over the grout
of my house was done by the people we bought it from, we just
haven't had the time/money to sand blast the paint off. So ugly!

Playing with his mane. Look how dirty it was!
I don't know if you can see it but the shampoo was turning brown. Ick!

I don't think he likes his new hair do lol.

His head popped up when I poured the bucket of water over him.
He never pulled back though.

Yawning while I rinse his tail. Silly boy.

Look how shiny, clean and black he is. :) He's getting a nice crest too.

Pretty, clean, shiny boy.

Rubbing his face on his leg, but the rope got in the way so . . .

. . . he rubs it on the gate.

Wind blowing his mane to the wrong side of his neck.

Walking out to the lease land with me.

I have my very own black horse! Until he dries at least. :D

Took off his halter so he can look all 'wild' stallion with his wind blown mane lol.

All he cared about was having some grass. He deserved a nice graze.

I love the lease land. Being able to take pictures of him with no man-made objects in the picture is so great. :D

Time for a roll. Thank goodness he was in the grass and not the dirt.

Right side done. Time to switch.

Going down on the left side.

I didn't manage to get one with his feet in the air, but I though this was cute. :)

Getting up. Love this picture. He's so cute!

Coming to see me.

And gets sidetracked by the yummy grass again lol.

This is after I took him back to the barn to brush him (got LOTS of hair off of him) and fly spray him. He's already looking so sleek, but he still has a lot to shed out. He has an almost non existent summer coat. Very thin.

I love that he's not bleached out yet. He gets so brown in the summer.

His mane is so thin and uneven and ugly. I hope it grows back in or I'll have to give up and pull it short like a dressage horse . . . :(

Last but not least here is a video of me rinsing the shampoo out of his mane. He is so calm about it. The mare I had growing up hated water, so I love that he's cool with it. :)

That's all for today. I have more fun pictures and video for tomorrow though. :D


  1. Hi! I came over here from Grey Horse Matters' blog. Really appreciated your well written comments about clicker training there.

    You allayed my fears that I would create an even worse treat monster if I tried it out. Thanks.

    So glad I found your blog. Chrome is lovely btw.

  2. He doesn't look happy, but he behaved wonderfully. I was wondering how long it would take before I would see a rolling picture.


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