Sunday, April 3, 2011

Belated Trim

Pictures in this post were taken January 17 2011. I haven't taken new pictures in a while and I hate posting without pictures so I found some I haven't posted before lol. :)

I haven't done any training or walking since Chrome hurt his leg. With my husband sick and me shouldering our combined workload along with overtime at my job I just haven't felt like doing much. Chrome is doing fantastic. He trots or gallops up for breakfast and supper. He was chasing the donkey the other day and jumped a brush pile so he wouldn't lose ground from the smaller, more agile longear. :) No limping or anything. The puncture wound is still there and draining, but it doesn't seem like as much. The drainage is still white and/or yellow at times. He started his second week's worth of antibiotics yesterday just to be on the safe side.

Anyway today Chrome had his trim. It was a week late because my farrier got really, really sick, but she's doing better so she came out. I was feeding/watering the poultry and cleaning out/refilling the duck's wading pool and completely forget to go get Chrome. While my farrier and her husband talked to mine I went out to the lease land to get my colt. He wouldn't come to me when I called for him but I don't really blame him, it was hot, it wasn't feeding time and I haven't been doing any fun training or walks, so I walked out to him. He wasn't too far out though.

On the way back to the house he was being balky. I finally convinced him to walk with me to the house. I just knew he was going to be a brat because it was hot and he wanted to graze. I was showing my farrier the work I'd taught him on picking up his hooves nicely and resting the toe of his rear hooves, but since we haven't worked on it in a week he did poorly. Oh well. She understands. However to my surprise and relief he did really well with his trims. He didn't want to pick up his hooves easily and he tried to pull away when his hooves were on the hoof stand (I haven't worked on that yet), but that's okay. He's young. :)
His feet are looking great! He had a couple of mild chips but the rasp took care of those. :) The flares are gone and the stretched white line is so close to being good again. No sign of thrush. His heels are slowly getting lower. She balanced him too. He has a tendency to grow longer on the outside (I think) due to mild toeing out (I think that's what's causing it). Anyway I've forgotten the details lol because I'm sooo tired. :)

The boy is shedding like crazy. The ticks are already out really bad too. I really need to get out and fly spray him more regularly. I use Ultrashield which has Permethrins in it and kills ticks. If you live in the south is it worth getting a Lyme vaccine? Both of my dogs have a tick disease called Ehrlichia. Something that I've been thinking about.

Anyway I guess that's all for now. I need to get back to training soon though because he acts better when we're working and using his brain lol. Hope everyone is having nice weather and fun rides. :)

Checking out the back of the pickup. :) Nice butt shot right? On that note . . .

The End

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