Wednesday, April 13, 2011

One Last Brag

Okay, I have one last brag and then I'm done. :D

I've shown you how great he is with water . . .

. . . and how great he is with tarps . . .

. . . and now I'll show you a video of how great he is about taking his antibiotics. :)

I don't have to halter him or have him in a stall. He does that well with his dewormer too. :) He's such a good boy. Also check out Zeppelin! He's doing so well with letting me pet him. I feel like we've really turned a corner with him. I just need to get back to the training with both of them.

Oh and yeah I know they are way too close and are basically mugging me . . . oh well. :D


  1. You've done a great job with him and he's got a great personality too.

  2. Very impressive. What a good boy. he's also very good not to drive off Zep from sharing the treats. You must have taught him to stand? You really have a very special horse.


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