Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Four Wheeler Fun!

On Sunday night right around dusk one of my friends came over on her four wheeler and we decided to take it out on the lease land to see what Chrome would do. He's only been exposed to them driving by on the road outside his pasture. When he was younger he was terrified of them and in fact almost went through a fence. He's gotten calmer about them, but still doesn't love them. So it was interesting to see his reaction.

He was curious, but nervous. See the ears?

He did reach out and touch our hands though.

Looking cute. We put the four wheeler in neutral and revved the engine gently a few times. When he stood his ground we turned it off as a reward.
Then he proceeded to fully check it out.

The pictures aren't fantastic because it was getting dark, but you can see how gorgeous he is hehe.

When he was finished checking it out we started the four wheeler and drove around the pasture a while. He chased it a little and then ran off to chase the donkey. I think he actually had a lot of fun. :)

Below is my absolute favorite shot of the night!

I wish it had been brighter so I didn't have to use the flash, but still awesome in my completely and totally biased opinion. :D So what do you think? Did he pass with flying colors? I have video too, but it's very grainy because of the low light. I might post some of it later when I have time to edit out the long horseless parts. :)


  1. What a breautiful horse. I am partial to Friesians, and dream of breeding Pippi to one to get "freeze paint." Posted about it on blog. Chrome did great with the four wheeler. Good for him

  2. Yes, he is gorgeous. What a great training session. I'm sure it will pay off high dividends down the road.

    I can't believe you haven't ridden in 2 years! Come on up north, and you can take Cole for a spin.

  3. We have a Friesian/Arab gelding in our barn too who looks EXACTLY like Chrome. Sounds like they have the same personality too. People oriented, smart, playful, and kind.

  4. It's all good training opportunities like Judi said it will really pay off later :)

  5. The tarp - the 4 wheeler - you are doing all the right things in preparation to back your gorgeous baby.

    I remember those 2 years of ground work with Riva - and it all pays off in the saddle!


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