Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tarp Fun

I'm exhausted and ready for bed, but wanted to show you some quick pictures and video of Chrome playing with the destroyed tarp. This was his first time ever having the tarp put on his back. The first time I put it on there he cantered off, but I didn't catch that on tape unfortunately (got a couple of pictures). The second time (same day) is what is in the video. He did so well!!

The next five pictures were with continuous shooting so they are in sequence.

Only the second time (same day) to have a tarp on his back. We'll keep working on it until I can put it over his head. He's claustrophobic with his head so I'll take it very slowly.

And here is the video.

Watching that back he looks like he's a little off on his injured leg, but it may have simply been the tarp because I haven't noticed it any other time. I'll keep a close eye on him. The puncture wound is just a scab now. :)


  1. What a good boy! I think he likes it!

  2. Your horse looks like a really fun boy! He is so curious and playful. And gorgeous.


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