Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chrome's Monthly Progress Report

Date: 4-19-11
Age: 23 months
Height: 15hh ¾in (60.75inches)
Height Gain: So apparently he grew half an inch. :) So he's a quarter of an inch from being 15.1hh tall. :D
Weight: Approximately 850lbs.
Weight Gain: According to the weight tape he gained twenty five pounds. I really don't know how accurate that is. I actually cut out his beet pulp and timothy pellets this month because the grass came in and he had put on too much weight. I think he's at the perfect weight now. :) What do you think?

Progress: I didn't realize how much he'd shed out until I compared this picture to last month lol. He looks so sleek and gorgeous. :D As I mentioned above all I'm feeding him now is his two pounds of Enrich 32 a day and free choice grass. He's not even getting any hay. Well occasionally during a cold snap I'll throw out a square bale for him, but that's all. I finally have his weight where I want it.

We didn't do any training because of the puncture wound on his hock. I was afraid of him doing something to make it worse. I needed a break too I think. I was working a lot of extra hours and was very stressed. Now that my boss is back and my hours are going back to normal things should return to normal. His puncture wound looks great. It's completely scabbed over now and getting smaller. His hock is starting to look bony again like it's supposed too instead of rounded as if it were swollen. :) I'm glad he's better. He had me so worried.

Also on another good note his hooves are looking much better! They hardly look clubby at all anymore. Check out the picture above and the ones below and let me know what you think. Are we on the right track?

Goals: For this month I just want to get back into clicker training and walking him on the roads again. I do need to start working on the trailer again. It's too late to geld him this spring. The flies and ticks are out really bad already, so unfortunately it looks like it's put off again. This is getting so frustrating. Why do things keep happening to put it off?? If something comes up this fall then I'm just having it done smack dab in the winter because I'm sick of waiting lol. Sorry to get riled up there. I guess that's all I have for now. I just have to get back into a routine of training.

Here are the other pictures I got. He has a bad expression in the one above because it was just starting to rain.

This one he had a great expression, but he was standing weird.
He does not normally stand this way.

This one is a good body shot, but his head is turned away.
At this point the camera was getting wet so I gave up.
You can see the blurry rain drops streaks in the picture lol.

One more month and my boy will be two years old!! Yay!


  1. What a big boy! I think his weight looks great, too. Don't worry so much about the gelding--as long as he has good manners around you, you can wait until fall. I'm glad his hock is better.

  2. He looks lovely! At two my girl was so gangly looking. Keep up the good work :)


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