Thursday, March 28, 2013

Chrome is awesome! (four wheeler pictures)

 Chrome is awesome!  Okay, so I'm biased, but still he's so smart and not afraid of anything.  :D  Check out these pictures.  This is only his second time doing this. 

 Looking at it all alert while I climb on....

 Almost asleep as I start to drive off.  We have nicknamed him the narcoleptic horse because he's always so sleepy eyed lol!

 The really awesome part is that Faran and Zep follow too so they get their exercise as well!

I love how far under he's stepping.  Doesn't he look good??  I think exercise agrees with him hehe.

 Notice the loose lead and relaxed posture?  

 Faran almost walked up to me.... not quite brave enough though.

 Pretty boys!

 I love these.  Getting his halter taken off while I'm still sitting on the running four wheeler.

 Oops, hung the halter on his ear, but he still didn't pull out of my reach.  :)

Hanging around to get his neck scratched in his favorite spot (four wheeler still running).

This one was blurry so I played around with it to make it look cool.
When I drove off (as fast as I could go in first gear) to put the four wheeler up, he still followed me.  :)  

Love that cute booty.  You can still see he has a fat belly and still needs to gain a lot of muscles in his haunches.  This will be a good comparison shot after his workout program.  :)


  1. aw so cute! be careful that you don't leave the keys in it....

  2. I LOVE this work out idea. Ha ha. Very sensible boy and I adore that tail!

  3. You tried it! I love taking Baron for walks around the neighborhood on our cart. It's amazing how his walk and trot have improved because I can roll a little faster and make him stride out. Chrome looks great!


  4. Woof! Woof! He is ... LOVE the tail. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  5. OK, I just have to ask: he's not actually *tied* to the 4-wheeler, is he?

  6. OMG Frizzle!!! Heck no!! I'm holding the rope in my left hand, that's why you can't see it in the pictures. And you can see where it's sitting in my lap when we aren't moving. :) I was ready to let go if I needed to. I wasn't going very fast at all either. I had the four wheeler in first and was creeping along with my hand ready to grab the brake. I would have let him go if something had gone wrong. That's why we were in his pasture lol. :)


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