Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I met a 1.5 million dollar horse!

 Don't be mad!  I can't post the pictures because I don't have permission (he was muddy and needed a bath, so she doesn't want me posting them), so you'll just have to look at pictures of my cute boys.  Anyway I went with my farrier to a dressage barn that I've never been to before.  I got to hold this gorgeous warmblood stallion while she put his shoes on.  He's trained to Grand Prix level dressage, but his owner hasn't shown him in years due to a back injury.  I still can't believe I've touched a horse worth that much lol.  :)

And here are pictures of my much less valuable (if we're talking strictly money lol), but equally loved boys.  

 Chrome standing guard while Faran and Zep nap.
I took this picture from a loooong way off.  Faran got up when I got too close.

When I walked up Chrome nickered at me which caused Zep to look up, lay his ears back and start to bray...

 ...then he decided braying was too much effort....

 ...and went back to sleep.  So cute!!


  1. LOL - my spin on a valuable horse is: a horse is only that valuable if you sell them. Since I have no plans to sell Baron, and I'm sure you aren't going to sell pretty Chrome, I'd say that makes both of them priceless...

    That's just my take on it. :D

    Although, I would like to meet this horse!


  2. Aww Zep, how cute.
    I only have one horse that will remain laying down if he sees me coming. This is the same horse that will not move for a tractor. His theory seems to be, "I was here first, go around."
    Great pics. I have never touched a horse worth that much either. Do you suppose he poops little gold apples? LOL

  3. Christine, I agree. Our boys are totally priceless. :D

    I think they had this stallion insured for 1.5 million. I think that's where they are coming up with his value even though he's not for sale. :) What's funny is when I first walked up and saw all of the horses I would not have been able to pick him out as anything special. He had a big field and was covered in mud, which are things that I think makes a happy horse hehehehe. :) I was glad to see that he wasn't wrapped in bubble wrap and trapped in a stall. My farrier said I can go again sometime, so maybe I can take some pictures that I can share sometime. :)

    Cindy, I wish he did! I would have been stuffing them in my pockets lol.

  4. I think it was funny that they wouldn't let you take pictures of their horse, being a horse.

    "The world must never know that our horse is in fact a horse who rolls in the mud and gets dirty like a regular horse. Oh the shame!"

    (tee hee)

  5. LOL!! They let me take pictures she just asked me not to post them on the internet hehe. :)

  6. I bet that was really a thrill being in the company of greatness, however, like Sam said, I think your little herd is indeed priceless! Is this the year little Zep gets trained :) I love his ears!

  7. Yep this is the year Zep gets trained. :D I'm waiting for the spring rains to taper off a bit since I don't have a barn/stall. I'm going to put him in the round pen and I'll make a lean-to for a bit of shelter. I thought about putting him in the run in shed I have now, but then the other two wouldn't have shelter either, so I'll just wait a bit for warmer weather and less rain. :)

  8. Ha ha! Braying was too much of an effort. I'll bet that takes a lot of energy. I know I get a little bit deafer every time I hear a donkey bray.

  9. ... a little mud just means her 1.5 million treasure is a REAL horse. I'm sure he looked gorgeous in mud. And your donkey is just so darn cute!!!

  10. I love it when they fall asleep with their noses on the ground so cute!! And chrome sure does have a nice booty even without work. The next two years will be when he really fills out and turns into a hunk.


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