Tuesday, March 5, 2013

One More of Zep

Sorry for the double post today, but I wanted to show you the last one I did today.  This one took almost two hours (with a couple of interruptions) and it's nowhere near perfect, but I think it is so totally Zep!  I accidentally tilted the camera when I took the picture, so it looks like he's about to tip over, but I promise the actual drawing is level.  :) 

Thanks for your comments on the other post guys!  I really need to get new paper and pencils.  I'm using regular printer paper and a number two pencil so the blending and shading isn't very good (not to mention I'm very out of practice), but I've enjoyed drawing again and that's what counts.  :D


  1. I made his cute donkey ears too small.... :(

  2. I love it!! That is really good, I could only wish I could draw half that good. I think Fred has a great face to draw if only I could capture it like you did with Zep. Really nice! the ears are just fine too!

  3. You've definitely got your shading down. I recently had a photography customer ask to me lighten the shadow on her husband's shirt so that the black dog in front of him comes out clearer. I researched all kinds of Photoshop methods and used the most appropriate one, but it just ended up looking like a shirt of two different colors. I couldn't match the hue, so I may have to just give that picture to the customer for free. I like the lines on your sketch as well.

  4. To cute. I've just recently posted a similar one of my Haflinger mare on my blog. Only Camryn is looking backwards from the other shoulder :)

  5. Thanks guys!!

    Nuzz, that sounds awful about the photo. That's why I'm afraid to try to do the photography professionally lol. Good luck!!


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