Friday, March 8, 2013

Chrome's Sixteenth Ride

Sorry for the totally unrelated picture of the sunset lol.  I don't have anything else.  I helped my dad put siding up on our new house.  We're almost done with the outside, then we can start running electrical and plumbing.  Yay!

After we got done working for the day I ran out to the pasture, put Chrome's bridle on and brushed him off a bit (he must have just rolled because he was a mess), then hopped on for a ride.  I rode him around the yard for about fifteen minutes.  He was being so laaaaaazy!  I should have grabbed the clicker and treats to give him some motivation, but I guess I was being lazy too lol.  He kept wanting to stop and graze, but I used a tiny stick to tap him on the haunches and he listened pretty well.  He was so bored with wandering around in the yard so I let him walk up the driveway.  He pricked his ears forward and picked up the pace.  He LOVES going for our walks out on the road.  I could tell he wanted to go, but I don't want to take him out riding on the road alone for the first time down here.

When we got to the end of the driveway Jackal (my Beagle/Mountain Cur cross) took off after a squirrel.  Chrome stuck his head way up in the air and watched him chase the squirrel into the trees.  After looking around for a minute I turned him back down the driveway.  Then a motorcycle came roaring up the street behind us.  Chrome scurried forward a bit, but never broke into a trot.  We walked calmly back down the driveway to the house.  Oh and our driveway crosses five acres so it's pretty long.

I've been taking Chrome on road walks as often as I can.  We've only been going between 1 and 1.26 miles each time.  I think I'm going to increase the distance for another week and then I'll start longeing.  We had to store hay in the round pen temporarily so that's why I haven't tried longeing yet.  We will get there!

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