Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Stifle Exercises!

Okay I finally had my husband help me get pictures of the stifle exercises in my Equine Fitness book!  You can buy it HERE and no I don't get any money for advertising it, I just really like it.  I hope these are helpful for anyone out there who has a horse with weak stifles.  I also hope I don't get in trouble for sharing material out of the book since I'm not doing it to earn money.... is that breaking copyright by sharing with you guys?

I never realized how difficult it is to take pictures of pages in a book!  It wouldn't stay open and there are shadows and some of them turned out awful, but I left them full size so I hope you can read them if you click on them.

This one is on a circle so I won't do it with Chrome until he's stronger.

 This is the fun one that I need cavaletti poles for.

 This one is easy.  :)

 This is the one Chrome couldn't figure out.  It's much easier to just have him stand on his pedestal!  My husband will be making me a new one since the old one is at my old house and my renter is using it with her little filly.

 I love this one!

 Can't so this one since I don't have any uneven terrain.

We will do this one once he's learned to leg yield... I need an arena lol.
Or we could do it down the trail if I ever manage to get out on the trails.

As you'll see that's not all of the exercises I've been doing in his routines. These are just the stifle specific ones.  All of the exercises are laid out like this and there are even little cards in the back that you can take out and have with you at the barn.  Also there are fifty exercises in the book!!  It's a really great book.  :)

Let me know if you can't read these.  I hope you can, because I'm not sure I can get any better pictures.


  1. I never thought of a horse fitness regime. Interesting. You are in a whole other world from me.

  2. I'll take a look at the book on Amazon. Currently, my poles are just tree branches and random pieces of wood that I find.

  3. These exercises look great. Think I'll start with the hay bale first. :-)

  4. Minza, that's the one I started with too hehe. It works great. Just remember the slower she steps over with her rear legs the more beneficial it is. To help Chrome with it I have him step over with his front legs, then stop and then ask for one hind leg at a time. :D Have fun!


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