Sunday, April 6, 2014

Housewarming Gift

An artist friend of mine that I've known almost my whole life gave me a housewarming gift (above picture) the other day.  :D  It's a print of one of her original oil paintings.  It is 24x31 inches and framed with glass, so it's heavy!!  I didn't do a very good job photographing it, but it's a bunch of wild horses galloping down a canyon with men on horseback following.  It matches my walls too!  I'm going to hang it above my couch.

Aside from that it has been raining like crazy!!  It's so wet and muddy outside I am terrified of drowning just walking in my yard.... okay I'm exaggerating hehe.  So I haven't been doing anything with the horses.... :(  Feeling very guilty, but trying not to beat myself up about it since I've been really busy.  As soon as the rain clears up so I can actually take pictures I want to show you some stuff I bought the other day, but that will be another post.  I'm also hoping to get back to our obstacle training if it ever stops raining... it has to stop someday... right?


  1. Boo Rain but YAY shopping & gorgeous framed image! Amazingly talented friend :D
    If your horses are anything like mine, they won't be one bit upset about not being able to work ;-)

  2. Love the print! My house can't have enough horse art!


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