Monday, April 7, 2014

Tack Sale Score!

Look at what Chrome finally got!!  A leather halter of his very own (actually the first leather halter I've ever owned-he's spoiled)!  And it's not even his birthday yet lol.  A friend of mine got an awesome assistant training job out of state so he had a tack sale of all of the things he no longer used and didn't want to take with him.  I only spent $34 and check out what all I got!!

So handsome in his new (to us) leather halter!  I can't figure out what kind it is because the only words in it are Full.  Oh and by the way a full is way too big for him!!  I'm going to have to put holes in it.  That's why I took the pictures from the right side because I had to rig it to keep it on.  It has a single crown buckle, a throatlatch snap, an adjustable nose, a padded nose and crown, brass hardware and no rolled leather anywhere.  If you can figure out what kind it is I'll bow to the master!!  The cheapest I've found a leather halter is $40 and I paid $7 so I call it a win!  It's only slightly scuffed in places (mainly the nose) and slightly cracked on the chin, but otherwise in great condition, especially once I've conditioned it a few more times.  It looks great on him, in my biased opinion.

One more picture in the halter.

The second item is a full sized Kieffer bridle that I paid twelve dollars for!  I looked at all the Kieffer bridles and I'm 99.9% sure it's an Anja (LINK).  It has an adjustable crown (which the Anja is the only one I've found with that kind of crown) and a crank noseband with flash.  The bridle is missing the cheekpieces, bit and flash, so basically it's a noseband with browband and throatlatch, but that works perfectly for my bitless preference.  It also came with webbed reins, but I haven't attached them yet.  Also forgive me I haven't cleaned the bridle yet... or the horse haha!  The cheapest I can find the bridle is $200, so at $12 even with the missing bit, cheekpieces and flash it's still a great deal.  :)  Also there is nothing stopping me from putting a bit on it in the future if I want to.  The funny thing is it's a full size and it fits him perfectly.  :)

 Is he not cute??  I'm so happy to have a backup bridle. 

 Here you can see the unique adjustable crown.  If you enlarge the picture you can see the second buckle where the cheekpiece and bit would attach.  I've only put it on him once so I don't know if I'm going to like that style of crownpiece yet, but I think it's going to be nice.  You can also see the crank noseband that I will not be cranking lol.  It's a very plain bridle, but I think it looks really cute on him.

 One question, do I need to lower it one hole? 
I can fit two fingers between his cheek and the noseband.

The web reins.  I love that it has the little leather pieces (what are those called?) so I can keep my hands even on the reins as we work on contact.  My laced reins are kind of a guessing game lol.

It has the dreaded hook studs, but I'm putting clips on like with my other bridle so it's okay.  :)

Here is a picture of the rest of the stuff I got...

Two bags of electric fence insulators, two spools of electric tape (one was wrapped up not on the spool so I left it out of the picture), a sweat scraper and a lead rope.  The original price on the electric tape is $25 a piece and the insulators are $10 a piece.  I'm not sure how much the sweat scraper and lead rope cost originally.  I got it all for $15.  So I got approx. $300 worth of stuff for $35!  Definitely a score!  :D

I just realized I didn't post a close up of the halter from the side, so here is a crappy almost from the side picture hehe.  Look at his eyelashes!  :)


  1. i love your new stuff! especially the halter - it looks like it fits him, and it is so much more dignified than the blue one. i'm thinking about buying another black bridle so that i can switch back and forth between dignified and "wedding": )

    those web reins are my favorite because they never, ever slip even in rain.

    i had a nice (35Euro) leather halter but it broke when the horse got her head stuck - as it should, and i haven't learned how to repair it.

  2. Woohoo what a haul!
    I have the opposite problem with N's head, it is massive and full is often not large enough yet I have a "draft" bridle that I had to put holes in for it to fit - she has a funny sized head - but thankfully more or less in proportion with the rest of her.

    Methinks Arab X Friesian helps downsize vs ISH(/ID)X Friesian - makes a much larger model lol, but i does loves her!

  3. Looks like you scored some really nice stuff, congrats! The Kieffer bridle is a really nice bridle even without cheek pieces and holds its resale value really well. Jealous!

  4. Garage sale finds are the best - you really scored!

    Monty and Harlow

  5. Wow great finds, and he looks lovely in the plain bridle, allows him to shine.

  6. Score! I loooove kiefer bridles. I'm such a bridle whore. I haven't I owned one but covet them at the dressage shop. For that price I would be so tickled. I'm addicted to bridles. I already have more than I like to admit. Then I go to the tack sale and find myself fondling the first pretty one I see.

  7. Ps I think you have everything fitting right.

  8. Pps I picked up a cheap dover dressage bridle for the cheek pieces. Dickie has a long but really fine head so he's half cob half horse. It looked nice enough to go w my fancy dressage bridle. It's the one that's about 50 bucks.

  9. Lytha, I do love the way he looks in the leather halter, but I think it'll look even better the whiter his face gets. I like a lot of contrast. Also I'm happy to hear the reins are nice ones as well. I've never used webbed reins so I'm excited to try them out.

    Aoife, you crack me up! Nancy likes to make things fun huh? :D

    Appy, I'm so happy to hear that about the bridle! I knew Kieffer was a nice brand when I saw it, but wasn't quite sure how nice, so it's good to know I got a super good deal on it.

    Thanks Monty and Harlow! I almost didn't go! So glad I did!

    Thank you Kitty Kat. I'm glad to know it's not just me who thinks he looks handsome in his new bridle. :)

    Super Ponies, that is too funny about Dickie!! I don't think I've ever had a horse that was so in between sizes hehe. Also thanks for the tip on the cheek pieces in case I decide to use a bit. My other bridle is already set up for a bit, so I'll probably use it if I decide to go that route, but it's nice to have the options. I'm so excited about having a Kieffer bridle! I wish there had been a second one because I so would have bought it and sent it to you so you could have one of your own. :D

  10. LOL, that is a Parelli 12 foot lead rope. Yes, all great finds! Have fun!!

  11. Janine, really? That's cool. How much do those normally run? I'm so excited about the deal I got on all of this cool stuff. :D

  12. MEMBERS ABOUT 39.00. NON MEMBER 53.00 FOR NEW. Opps caps, LOL.

  13. Wow so that was a good deal too! Thanks for the info!


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