Sunday, April 20, 2014

My pasture feels empty...

It's weird only seeing one horse at the gate ...
(Zep never stands by the gate, so that part is normal)

After grazing for several hours yesterday Chrome calmed down and stopped neighing every few minutes.  It's so funny because he kept staring off at the backyard like he thought Faran was still just grazing back there without him.  He doesn't realize the horse trailer took him away.  Today Chrome is totally fine again.  He still has Zeppers, so he's happy.  :)

Faran is doing great.  He settled in immediately and hasn't acted spooky or nervous at all.  Yay!  I'll keep you guys updated on him.

I thought about riding today, but my allergies have been so bad the last week or two that my ribs feel bruised from sneezing so much (my back and stomach muscles hurt too)!  I love the temperatures at this time of year and all the sunshine, but man my allergies make it miserable!!  So I just did his workout like normal (routine 2).

I noticed when doing his leg lifts (tapping his rear legs to make him pick them up to his belly) that his left stifle was locking again (only twice and only when switching back to that leg, so having it straight is what locked it).  However when doing his hip stretch his right leg seemed stiffer.  This horse is so weird.  The hip stretches were MUCH easier this time though, so I think the work is already making a difference.  We didn't do the hindlegs together exercise since I haven't built a new pedestal, but everything else went well.  He did much better on the poll stretch (my expectations were wrong.. my Masterson's Massage book explained it better and has pictures so that helped me understand what I was looking for).

The flies are out already (and the ticks eek!), so I've been having to spray Chrome everyday.  I'm already seeing bumps on his shoulders too, so I need to find my Neem oil before the gnats really come out of the wood works.  It seems a bit early for them, but it's been really warm so I guess not.

Well I guess that's all I have to ramble on about today.  I'm going to go try not to sneeze for a while!

P.S.  I changed my blog header because I was bored with the old one (since it had only one picture hehe).  I think it's really cute, so let me know what you think of it!


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