Thursday, April 10, 2014

Finally tested out my Show Sheen Try-Pack (on his tail only)

I took the pictures to do the stifle exercise post, but they turned out blurry and unreadable so I'll try again when my husband can help me hold the book open and still.  I did something fun today though, so we'll check that out instead.

I won this Show Sheen Try-Pack in a blog contest... last year... yeah it's taken me that long to use it lol.  I was going to give him a bath since it was actually warm today, but it was VERY windy and I don't have a place that isn't muddy to bathe him (which means mud splashing up on my legs, I need a concrete wash stall!), so I only did his tail.  

First I have to show you this picture.  My husband spread out the orange stuff we used around our garden to keep critters out so he could roll it back up neatly.  I walked Chrome over it.  He arched his neck (like in the picture above), but walked right over.  There was a part of it to his right that was piled up and he gave it the hairy eyeball so I laughed at him.  My laugh spooked him and he jumped forward over it.  It was HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!  I walked him over it several more times and he was fine.  :)

So here is a picture of my dirty, disgusting boy... I'm so gonna miss how well he hides his dirt after he turns gray....

 His gross, gross tail!  So yellow and nasty!

After washing it... still stained at the bottom, but sooo much better!

I washed his tail with dishwashing liquid first (without getting it on his skin) because I couldn't find my baby shampoo.  The water in the bucket after scrubbing it was soooo nasty!  It looked like mud.  Then I rinsed it and washed it with the Show Sheen 2-1 Shampoo/Conditioner pictured above.  After rinsing that out I used the stain remover and whitener.  The only thing I don't like is that it's in a tiny mister bottle, not a normal spray bottle.  Obviously since it's a sample pack that's understandable, but if it doesn't come in a spray bottle I probably won't ever buy it.  So I wadded his tail up in my hand and misted the brown parts really well (used a third of the bottle) and scrubbed it all together, then let it sit for five minutes.  After rinsing it out I couldn't really tell much difference.  It's more intended for stains on the horse's body though so I'm not upset about it or anything.  It really isn't designed for tails.  I need to get some of the blue kind for his tail.  After letting it dry a bit I sprayed (again an obnoxious mister bottle) it with the Showring Shine and Detangler and OMG I LOVE it!  I had obviously brushed his tail before washing it, but normally its very knotty again after, but not with this stuff.  The brush just glided right through his tail.  It made it soooo soft I couldn't stop running my fingers through it.  Now I know why people are such fans of Show Sheen Detangler.  Does Show Sheen still dry their hair out with extended use like people used to say years ago?  I hope not because I sure would like to buy a bottle for his tail.  :)

So I'm thinking about getting the blue shampoo or maybe trying very diluted bleach to get the stains out, then try to wash his tail weekly because it sure does look so much nicer after it's cleaned.  I'm really bad about sticking with stuff like that, but I'll try.  So does anyone have any tips for making tail washing easier?  I like using a bucket because it's easier to really get the shampoo in the tail, but it's so heavy holding it while his tail soaks... any secret tips??

The other thing I wanted to mention is....

His face is going flea-bitten!!!! Ahhh!!!!!!!  :(  I knew he was 99% likely to go flea-bitten because of his dam, but I was so hoping he wouldn't... *pout*  Oh well, if he's going flea-bitten I hope he goes all out and is covered in them, because the heavily flea-bitten ones look better to me than the lightly flea-bitten ones.  :)

Oh and the flea-bites are bay... much 
lighter than I thought they would be.  
See the ones up by his eye? 

 One more picture of my curried horse with his sparkly clean tail hehe.

So over all I really like the little Show Sheen samples I won.  It's hard to tell about the spot remover, but that's no big deal.  I might give it to a friend since it probably won't be any good by the time he's gray.  Tomorrow is his next workout so keep your fingers crossed it doesn't rain.... again....


  1. My pak did a pretty good job on Gabbrielle's tail, but hers wasn't as stained as Chrome's at the time I washed it. I recently switched to their detangler and am sold. It actually removes the tangles without leaving a greasy residue, and lasts for several days, so I can keep running a comb through it without having to apply more.

  2. Yep, Show Sheen does dry the hair out, unfortunately. But a lot of people use it frequently, so you could always give it a shot.
    I used to have a grey, and I recall using OxyClean on his tail, lol, which definitely dried it out but is also great for the stains. I would always follow up w/a heavy conditioner, like the olive oil conditioning packs you can get in the ethnic hair care section. Actually, there are a lot of products in that section that are great for tails!
    You can also use laundry blueing (like Mrs. Stewart's) for grey tails--just don't leave it in too long or you will have a blue tail.

  3. I used to put about 10 drops of blueing in with regular Suave shampoo (I'm cheap) instead of buying the Quick Color purple shampoo. Shampoo, let sit for 5 minutes or so. Regular washing with that will help keep his tail white, and so will braiding it up so it's out of the mud in the winter. For conditioner, coconut oil is really super awesome. It does attract dirt some but it leaves the hair very soft and manageable. LOVE that stuff! Showsheen or other drying detangler only before a show.

  4. If you use the blue shampoo for blondes for people it will get the stains out. I use it one Kaspin and it works SUPER!! The shampoo is blue at first and turns hair blue but washes out clear. Isn't expensive either. Any drug store, Walmart, or Meijer's will carry it:)

  5. Thanks for the tips guys!!

    Janine, what are the names of the blue shampoos for humans? Will it say so on the bottle? I've never looked that closely at them lol.


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