Monday, April 22, 2013

Belated Donkey Day & Chrome's Nineteenth Ride

 Sorry I didn't post yesterday for Donkey Day!  I was out of town with a moving truck getting the rest of my stuff out of our old house so the renters can start moving in.  :)  I didn't get much done with Zep last week because of the bad weather and my back was hurting... however because I am an amazingly awesome donkey trainer I taught Zep how to sit!!!!!

Haha, just kidding.  He was standing up after enjoying a roll and I timed the picture just right hehe.

This week is going to be very busy, but I'll try to work with Zep as much as possible.  :D  I feel bad locking him up in the round pen though...  I guess I can try luring Zep into the round pen when it's time to work with him.... I'll figure it out.

One last thing I wanted to mention is my ride on Chrome today.  My dad had to work all night so he was out doing yard work today to keep himself awake.  I decided to ride Chrome since the weather was perfect.  I put my helmet on, put his bridle on and led him up to the hay bale we've been stepping over to use it as a mounting block.  I lined him up between the bale and a tree (because that's where it was sitting) and stepped up... it was a little short.  I was feeling lazy so I swung my leg over his back anyway and grabbed the tree and pulled myself onto his back LOL!  It was hilarious!  I didn't plan it, but it worked perfectly.

So I followed dad around while he was pruning trees and doing other yard work.  He was driving the four wheeler around the yard.  At one point he started up the driveway and I started trotting Chrome after him.  Chrome loved "chasing" the four wheeler!!!  As we were trotting along we went over the culvert and on the down slope Chrome tried to canter!  He had lowered his head (going uphill), I was riding bareback and he totally caught me off guard to I pulled him up before he could break into the canter.  If I'd been in the saddle and not caught so off guard I probably would have let him canter.  I'm curious what it's going to be like.  I really like his trot.  This is only his third ride that I've done more than just a couple of trot strides and he's doing so awesome!

I just wanted to share that.  Tomorrow I'll share my plans for Chrome with everyone.  I've been thinking long and hard about his exercise program and I've finally made a decision!  :D

P.S.  I rode him for about twenty five minutes, mostly at the walk, and he was still raring to go.  :D


  1. Aww that would have been so cool, he looks cute sitting :D

  2. Chrome gets a taste of ranch work. Some horses like to have a job and feel like they are helping. Having someone you know driving a quad while you follow is a great way to get your horses used to them. I just don't trust strangers on quads when I'm riding a horse.

  3. He looks like Brighty in that picture :)

  4. I understand you didn't want to canter too soon, but I always found it a more comfortable ride than a trot.

    Mango Momma

  5. Mango Momma, I actually wouldn't have minded cantering him, but five minutes before the cantering incident Chrome tripped in a hole and my dad asked if he was trying to crow-hop (small, upright buck). I said no he wasn't, but then crow-hopping stuck in my head, so when he started to canter I thought he was trying to crow-hop. I just psyched myself out. If dad hadn't just mentioned crow-hopping I probably wouldn't have reacted the way I did LOL!


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