Sunday, April 28, 2013

First Trail "Road" Ride (at our new home)

I rode Chrome on the roads at our new house!!  :D  I rode him once on the roads at our old house, but he was on a lead most of that trip because he didn't know how to steer and that was only about an eighth of a mile out, so really I kind of consider this our first road ride.  :)  He did awesome!

I rode him up the driveway and he was excited (like he always is when we go up the driveway because he thinks we're going out on the road).

Waiting patiently on a loose rein while hubby takes a picture and opens the gate for us.  :) 

 And then we headed off down the rode.  He was so forward and enthusiastic!

He was looking around, but he wasn't spooky at all.  I wasn't as tense as I look in this picture.  I must have been rolling my shoulder or something.  I have issues with it sometimes...

 It was such a pretty day for a ride too!

We only went for a twenty minute ride because that's how long all of his sessions have been so far.  Even though he was excited and energetic I didn't want him to overdo it and be sore tomorrow.  Not many of my husband's pictures turned out because he was taking them while walking and his back makes it difficult to twist at the waist.  That's okay though.  I really appreciate the fact that he's willing to come with me and take pictures and I love the ones that turned out pretty good.

My husband had to grab the rope (notice he has his halter on) when we got to a pasture alongside the road with two horses in it because Chrome gets VERY excited around other horses!  He just needs to be socialized more.  His head was up so high I think his ears were level with my eyes.  I wish my husband could have gotten some pictures, but he had his hands full.  Once we got even with the horses Chrome was relaxing a little since they didn't neigh or gallop around, then once we were past them he dropped his head and was back on the buckle lol.

We had to turn around right past their pasture so my husband just led us back.  Once we were away from the horses he was back to walking on the buckle with his head down.  I am so proud of Chrome!!!  I can't believe how quickly he went from super excited to head down relaxed again.  :D

By the way I had some rein contact in the pictures above just as a precaution since I didn't know how he'd react.  Once he relaxed I was riding him on the buckle.  He's going to be such a fantastic trail horse!!

 Riding back up the driveway with my trusty pup Jackal by my side!

I had such a great time!!  I love my horse (and my husband)!!


  1. Awww! That is fantastic! I just love when everything goes so well. He looks so good! Good job! And congrats to you for being one of my giveaway winners!!

  2. Yay! A satisfying road ride. I love your long, tree-lined driveway with a gate. I'll bet you get a lot of privacy.

  3. I wish you were closer! I'd love to go riding with you!



  4. Ohhh soo much fun!! How cool!!! I would ride with you too, if we were closer!! Congrats!!!

  5. Aww thanks guys! I wish we were closer too. :D

    And yes we love our driveway and gate. When I was a kid we had a lot of people driving up just to see what was down the long driveway so that's why we put up the gate. :)

  6. wow, great photos, congratulations!

  7. He seems to have such a great mind. You are doing so well with him, you must be thrilled!

  8. Yea! That is so exciting. So happy for you guys. Also, I'm going to give your salt water thrush remedy a go. I know you use a 1/4cu. salt, but how much water?

    Adventures In Colt Starting

  9. DS I just fill a regular sized spray bottle up with water... I think mine is a 24 ounce bottle. It's not an exact science, so it doesn't have to be perfect. :) Oh and I've used up to half a cup of salt before when his feet were really smelly. You can't really put too much salt in since that's what kills the bacteria, just make sure to shake it up between uses because the salt will settle at the bottom.

  10. you two looks like old pros!! Sometimes it seems unfathomable that Dickie will ever get that far. He is so distractable. I can't even get photos of us together becuase having another human in his sight and not being able to say hi blows his mind.


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