Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Chrome's Twentieth Ride & CUTE Chrome Pictures!

Okay, so since I totally forgot to post yesterday I'll tell you my plan today.  I've decided to do the Couch to 5k while riding instead of in hand since I can't keep up with him and longeing is bad for his stifles.  I'm going to ride every other day so that his back has a day off to rest and strengthen.  I'm going to keep things at a walk for a while to get him used to carrying weight.  When we're up to an hour of walking easily I'll start adding trot and do the Couch to 5k.  :D  So that's the plan for now.

Now on to today.  I rode for twenty minutes again at the walk, with only a couple of short trots (because I can't resist!).  He did great.  It was cooler today, so when I started walking him up the driveway he was giving everything the hairy eyeball and acting like he was soooo scared.  Haha!!  I've rarely ever seen him actually scared of anything.  The funny thing is that I had just led him up the driveway two hours earlier to let him graze lol.

It was really interesting though because I got to see what he does when he's spooked.  All he did was stop and stare with his head as high as it would go, then he tried to spin around to go back toward the pasture, but I didn't let him get more than a step into the spin.  So that tells me he'll be the type to spin around and run for home..... fun lol.  I guess it's better than explosive spooks that can unseat a rider hehe.

While riding he also walked right over the hay bale!  :D  I expected him to try to duck out and not walk over it, but he didn't even hesitate.  Good boy!  He's also doing really well with standing still (although he has been trying to walk off while mounting so we will have to work on that... although in his defense I used a fallen tree instead of my mounting block haha!) although he does occasionally paw the air when he gets bored or impatient.

So it was a fun ride... although walking around the yard is getting extremely boring!  I can't wait to get out on the trail.  Anyway here are some pictures I took earlier in the day.  I spent almost all day outside.  I love this weather (okay it's a tiny bit cool for me, but that's okay)!

Still sooo narrow hehe.

Gorgeous!  Such a poser!  :D  

Turned his head slightly.  He should get paid for modeling huh?  :D 

 He is getting soooo gray!  It doesn't show up great in pictures, but I'm amazed at how much white pops up every day!

 Playing around with the focus.  

He was in such a cute, playful mood and was following me around.  Look at that tongue! 

Chrome and Faran in almost the exact same pose hehe. 

Look at his mane!  The wind was blowing it up and you can see his white tips!  Wish I could give him a mohawk sometimes LOL!

 Chewing the tips off of saplings... weird horse!

 Eating more saplings... can you tell he was raised by a donkey?  :)

Grazing.  Aren't the flowers behind him pretty?

 Here is a close up of the flowers.

 Okay funny story.  See his expression in the above picture?  I was taking pictures of the flower (above) and all of a sudden he came marching over to me, reached down, bit the flower off of it's stalk, dropped it on the ground and walked away to graze again!  Can a horse be jealous of a flower??  :D  So since he killed my flower I stuck it in his hair and took pictures of him again hehe.


I have so much fun with my horse!  :D


  1. those look like tansy flowers to me - can you confirm? my friend's horse died from them, they freak me out. they grow in fields like in your photos.

  2. So cute. You can see so much of both of this breeds in him. It's been fun to watch him develop - since I found your blog. ...and, it will be interesting to see how his color keeps changing.


  3. Lytha, it's not Tansy because it's blooming at the wrong time of the year and the leaves are different. I took it to our local ag office so they can identify it for me just to be safe. They will call Monday and let me know. I'll let you guys know as soon as I find something out. :D

  4. I think that chrome has just as much fun!! cute pictures

  5. I think that chrome has just as much fun!! cute pictures

  6. Love the picture of his tongue sticking out and the flower in his tail :)

  7. Awhh, the flowers in his hair is sooo cute. I love his hair/coat colors:)

  8. Uh oh.... it might be a type of ragwort although I'm pretty sure it's not tansy... unfortunately all ragwort is poisonous to a small degree... so how do you kill it? Everything I've read says not to spray it because it tastes good when it's dead and the horses will eat it. I'm currently digging it up by the roots but it's going to take me a few days to get it all.... we are waiting for a new fence charger to come in. When it gets here I'll cross fence the pasture and then we can spray it and just keep the horses off for a while....

  9. hi there. i wanted to answer your questions in my comments - i have the NH rope tied onto the halter because i have not yet found a good snap. isn't that ridiculous? i really need a good snap, if this were america, i'd have one by now. *sigh*

    also, i really appreciate that you ask about hoof photos! i looked down at them again today (after the trim) and said, "dangit where is my freaking camera?" but i didn't have it and i didn't have much time, i had another agenda tonight. so, soon, i will post pretty hoof pics. i sure hope she lets me work on her hooves. that will be another challenge.

    i sure wish i could ride now, like you do with chrome, but she doesn't feel safe here yet, so i should wait. and really, really reinforce my leadership.

    ok, i will go see if she'll eat her vitamins with beet pulp now! we'll see..

  10. Oh the flower tail!

    Patience. Chrome really is a goof getting all spooky with the change in the weather.

    Mango Momma

  11. Mango Momma isn't he just too funny? I wish you could meet him. I know you'd love him! I still think he was totally putting on about being spooky because he felt good hehehe!


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