Thursday, April 18, 2013

Not much going on.....

 Doesn't he look good in purple?  No clue what kind of flower that is lol.

I tweaked my back the other day, so I haven't been doing anything except taking care of the animals.  By the time I've hauled hay I have to lay down and let my back relax.  It's starting to feel better though so I'll try to get back to Couch to 5k with Chrome and clicker training with Zep.  For now here's some quick pictures I took of Chrome.  He is looking so handsome in his summer coat!  :)

 I was sitting, watching the ducks and soaking up some sun, when Chrome came to see what I was doing.

 He dropped hay in my hair and then walked by, pausing to watch the ducks.

 And got a drink before going back to grazing.

I'll post tomorrow with Chrome's progress report.  I totally forgot to do last month's.  I can't wait to get him groomed up and looking gorgeous for his pictures.  I might even give him a bath.  :)


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  2. Chrome is looking great, and I am jealous of all your green grasses.

    FYI I sent a link to your blog to someone I know who might be interested in Faran. I am not sure if he is still looking for another horse, but he might be, and I know he was wanting a draft or draft cross. Although it is likely that it would be too far to travel for a horse of Faran's age that isn't even broke to ride. But I thought I would just throw it out there, just in case.

  3. Cindy, that is perfectly alright. :) I can't afford transport costs right now though... and I don't want him to hurt someone. I would feel horrible if he hurt someone. If your friend is interested and has the resources to take him on that would be fantastic. :) I'm still hoping the draft rescue will call me back, but if I found the right person I would go that route too.

  4. So glad he is better. The video made my stomach turn!! Hopefully it is a growth issue.


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