Saturday, April 6, 2013

Donkey Day!!!!!

Again, no pictures!  Sorry!

Some of you may remember the Donkey Days I used to do (, well it's back!  Tonight I finally locked Zep in the round pen... so it's time for Operation Tame Led Zeppelin.  :D  His halter had started to rub his nose a bit, so I had to loosen it!

I was feeding Chrome his supper and as usual Zep was hovering nearby waiting for the handouts he knew I would be giving.  :)  When he took a handful of feed I reach under his chin with the other hand and clipped the rope on his halter.  I called to my husband so he could come help and Zep moved away.  When the rope moved it spooked him and he bolted.  I couldn't let go fast enough to avoid a minor rope burn, but I'm okay.

So Zep galloped all over the pasture because the evil rope was chasing him.... I was kind of hoping he would wrap himself around a tree since it was my super long rope, but he didn't.  We fed Chrome and Faran in the round pen and it wasn't long before Zep went in too.  After locking him in (and removing the horses) we opened up my hay ring that has three pieces pinned together to make a corral.  I gently coaxed him (by following behind him about fifteen feet away)  into the hay ring chute.  I pushed the ring closed behind him and he was caught!  It was really cute.  He fit perfectly in the hay ring lol!!

Once he was caught he stood still and let me loosen the halter.  It's really weird that once he's caught he will let me pet him all over the head and neck and mess with his halter to my heart's content.... weird.  So after loosening the halter I fed him several more handfuls of oats and let him out.  Then I closed the hay ring again so we could feed his hay in it and he couldn't poop in it or sleep in it.  Tomorrow we will set him up with a lean-to just to keep him dry.  I think most of the cold weather is past..... I hope.  This winter has dragged on sooooooo long lol.

So anyway I'm going to start clicker training with him again and I'll post each Sunday for Donkey Day with an update on our progress for the week and hopefully I'll have lots of pictures.  :D


  1. Oh I am so glad you are going to do this! I look forward to the updates. Play times' over little Leddy! It is strange, once he's confined he settles right down. I bet he learns things pretty quickly.

  2. How exciting, am looking forward to your progress reports!!

  3. I am excited to hear about Donkey days!!! Go Zep!!


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