Thursday, April 29, 2010

Clicker Training Backing

Picture taken 3-28-2010.

Today I started off with the 'Grownups are Talking' game. He already has this one down like a pro and I haven't even reinforced it all that much. After a refresher on that I started working on backing. He kept wanting to walk away instead of back up so I put myself directly in front of him and put my hand on his face, then walked toward him. That got a backward step really fast. By the end of the session he was stepping back with me just pointing at his chest!! I was so impressed!! He catches on so quickly!

I didn't work on targeting today because I only got five hours of sleep last night (do not function well on less than eight lol) and was feeling tired and lazy. When backing got boring (and too easy) I started working on giving kisses. I think I should have taught kisses before I taught the grownups game. It was difficult to get him to face me. I kind of lured him up to my face so I could plant a kiss on his nose and clicked for that a couple of times. I didn't do it anymore than that because I realized I hadn't put his vitamin supplement in so I went back to the barn for that, did a couple more backs and then let him finish his supper. I'll try to do a bit more tomorrow when I've had some sleep. My husband and I both have a day off tomorrow so maybe I can get him to film some. :)


  1. Great Job!

    I first looked at that photo and though. . omg I don't remember Chromes ears being so long. lol

  2. You two are doing so well, great stuff! The good thing about 'grown ups' is that you can start to develop and add it into other exercises like ground tying, matwork etc. I've found it one of those core exercises to do that's helped so much with many other things :)

  3. ROFLOL!! Beth I never even noticed that!!! Thanks for the early morning laugh. :)


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