Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More Clicker

Picture taken 4-10-2010.

First I want to mention that I'm having problems with blogger comments. I publish them, but they don't show up. I have no idea why this is happening and I'm sorry if your comment doesn't get posted. I really appreciate all of your comments and hope you continue to leave them. Thanks!

Secondly, everyone was right! Zeppelin is watching what we're doing. When I let him out of Chrome's stall he follows me around like he wants to know where his treats are. :) It was adorable. He also followed me around while I was mucking out the paddock. I know he's not as scared as he acts because he stands right by the wagon while I'm tossing poop into it. Silly donkey. They also backed up to the wagon to poop. Both of them missed however lol.

Anyway I worked with Chrome on following the target some more. I also worked on it at a lower height, but I think my crouching was confusing him (or I went too low, too fast). We'll try that again later. He followed me all over. I even had him laterally flexing to touch the target by his shoulder. :)

At one point I was wandering around aimlessly while he chewed and realized he was glued to my side in what you would consider a perfect heel position when walking a dog. On a whim I clicked and gave him a bit of his feed. After he'd done that a few times, with me clicking him when he was in the right position, I started working on whoa. I'd say whoa, then stop and wait for him to stop, then I would click and treat. If anyone has done this before please tell me if it's okay that I was reinforcing him even though he took a couple of steps past me. By the end of the session he was stopping right next to me, so I think he was really starting to figure it out. I ended the session with a jackpot and gave him scratches in all his favorite spots while he finished his dinner. Chrome is such a good boy!! I was very pleased with how it went, because without even meaning to we worked on flexing, leading and stopping. :) Next step is to work on backing.


  1. Make sure that you haven't blocked pop-up windows - that might do the trick - if not check the Blogger help threads.

  2. It is going great! You might do 10 min with Chrome and then do 10 min with Zep, then do 10 with Chrome and 10 with Zep. Get them both worked and give their brains a rest between. Remember many short sessions are better than one long one.

    That is really awesome that Chrome is figuring out how it all works. I had hard time going lower too. What worked for me was going slower.

  3. I also have problems with blogger comments from time to time.

    Brilliant work with Chrome! :) That's really interesting about Zeppelin watching. I wonder how much stuff he might learn like that. Bet you wouldn't have too much problem charging the clicker with him! :)

  4. It sucks, but blogger has deleted many of our comments too. I've been enjoying getting caught up on your blog. No spare time these days. How come I never thought of using the furminator on our horses??? Thank you
    Twinkie and family


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