Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Horse Festival

Last weekend I went to a horse festival about two or three hours away with a couple of friends. My main reason for going is because of a Friesian stallion that would be there. I enjoyed myself immensely and the show was great. The Friesian was gorgeous!! He was pretty green so he didn't do much and we all had to be quiet but I think everyone was speechless from his beauty anyway. :) I will be posting more pictures from the horse festival on my Farmer's Life blog when I have the time to edit them. I have no idea when that will be, but keep an eye out. :) Anyway, here are the pictures.

Can you believe that mane?! When his head is down it is past his knees! And his forelock is past his muzzle. Wow! I love this breed, not only for it's beauty, but also for it's temperament and intelligence. Someday I still hope to have a purebred, but even a purebred could never replace Chrome. I love that horse!


  1. He certainly is gorgeous! And all that hair, oh my!!
    But Chrome is one in a million- I think you scored a keeper!!

  2. Wow I love that mane! Sounds like a great day out :)

  3. Just makes ya wanna swoon doesn't he? !

  4. WOW! He is TOTALLY GORGEOUS! How wonderful to be able to see something that fantastic in person!


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