Friday, April 16, 2010

A Walk

I have been such a bad blogger!! I guess I shouldn't complain since less time spent at the computer is more time spent outdoors with the animals and getting stuff done, but I still don't like how little I have posted this month. This walk I'm posting about was on April 5th and I'm only now posting about it!!!! Sheesh!

Chrome did fantastic and I actually have to tattle on myself. I was wanting to get some video of him doing his little Arabian tail flipped nose in the air prance thing, so I was actually encouraging him to be silly, but he wouldn't. Darn it. I trained him too well haha! I got some decent pictures though that I will share with you.

Oh yeah, I broke another one of my rules. I wasn't going to let him meet other horses while out walking because I don't want him to cause issues when we're out trail riding, but when I saw this cutie I had to go over and see him. In the picture above Chrome is doing his submissive champing. In the one below they are sniffing each other.

The next one is the only one I got of him acting a bit squirrel-y.

This next picture is my absolute favorite! I took off running to try to get him to do his silly trot and instead he stretched out into this beautiful ground eating trot. I actually took this picture while running so it's a bit blurry, but I still love it. None of his hooves are touching the ground.

This next picture is us walking back toward the house. He was completely relaxed again even with the crazy Jack Russel Terrier neighbor dog barking at us. I think he was more interested in looking for Two Socks.

"Hey Mom, let's go down the dirt road and find Two Socks!"

When we got back to the house I just kept going past it and started down the dead end road that runs beside my property. In the picture below Chrome is checking out the road. He does this every time we walk down the hill. :)

This horse belongs to the same owner of Two Socks, but lives on their actual property down the road instead of on the rental property behind our house.

Had to turn the flash on because it was getting dark. I love how his fur is wrinkled around his withers. I don't know why it does that but it's cute.

"Hey mom, are you sure we can't go back to visit the horse again?"

"Are you sure? He's just right back there."

Then he give up and continues on his way. :)

Sorry it took so long to get this posted. I got some other pictures of the walk and some videos that I will try to edit and post soon, but no promises. I have 245 blogs in my Google Reader that I haven't read! Yikes! Anyway thanks for joining us on our walk.


  1. What a silly boy, champing like that! Actually, he is just showing his willingness to be friendly and submissive.

    He sure is growing up. He looks like he's got a good mix of white hairs in his coat already, yes?
    I too love those wrinkles around his withers.

  2. Great pictures, you are doing so well on your walks, well done :) I love that trot, wow he has got such a great gait.

  3. Chrome! You did well on your walk handling all those distractions and even making a friend.


  4. What a handsome boy! I love that trot too! He is going to be such a looker when he is all grown up!


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