Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Chrome's Hooves After Trimming

Notice the relaxed, droopy lip?? Tomorrow I have some adorable photos to share with you! For now we're here to look at hooves though. :) First the front view.

Yeah, he toes out . . . is the rotation from the knees or what? I can't tell. He has such teeny fetlocks too. :(

They look nice though, right? And now the side views . . .

This is his worse one as far as clubbiness.

And rear view . . .

Are his heels too long? Are his frogs making enough contact with the ground to stimulate growth and strength? One thing I've been worried about are that his heels and frogs seem narrow (obvious in the solar views next). How do I get his heels to spread out and open up his central sulcus? Is it just a matter of shortening his heels some more? The rear hooves look better than the fronts I think . . .

So what do you guys think? Anything I need to mention to my trimmer? Thanks for any information/comments/advice. You guys are awesome!


  1. 1. I love the droopy lip.
    2. His feet look great.
    3. I wouldn't worry about the toeing out.
    4. I have NOT forgotten your bareback pad. I just need a bigger boxxxx!

  2. Enzo toes out too for now. Usually as there chest fills out as they grow, toes will come more back in. I am not on expert on feet at all. But his a Farans feet look great to me:)

  3. He needs more roll all the way around. Take that pigmented wall all the way off the ground. That will ease the pressure on his coronet band and might let those heels expand a little.

    Otherwise they look pretty good!

  4. I don't know much about trimming feet so I can't comment on that. Thanks for all the comments on my blog. You are right, I need to do pages for Flash and the donkeys. Kalvin is boarding at our place so I'm not sure a page would be appropriate. And please do use my training log idea. I'm glad you like it.

  5. From the lateral views, the LF appers to be the most balanced hoof. The others look a bit odd--there's more coronet funkiness/jamming, a bit of extra wall height (especially in heels) and I see some toe flare on the RF. If your trimmer could measure/mark for a 30-degree hairline, I think that would help a lot (it's just a flexible little plastic-y thing, but it makes a *huge* difference!). I believe they are the brainchild of Cheryl Henderson from Oregon Scool of Natural Hoofcare.

    Sole shots look pretty good! Overall I think he has nice hooves; I just see a few things that need to be addressed (and, believe me, once you know what a proper 30 degree hairline looks like, you can spot coronet jamming from a mile away!).

  6. His feet look pretty good. I normally have more of a mustang roll on my boys, it eases with the breakover and chipping along with other things. His heels don't look too long IMO but his frogs do look weak. Unfortunately my guys do too right now as a result of the soft ground. Working him more on the road or gravel should help which will also expand his heels more. Good luck!

  7. i love his dark healthy feet. i love your little signs too.

    hey, about your donkey braying - i just called up the owner of bellis and said no thanks, nevermind, i cannot have a creature here that sounds like it's being murdered when it's hungry!

    jk, but really, that is one awful sound. dear god don't let her do that every day...

    how often does Z do it?


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