Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hobby Horse Blog Hop #6

Here are the rules: Answer one or all of the prompts. Link back to Living a Dream's post. Visit other blogs. And don't forget to ask a question of everyone else!

1. My horse does this silly thing . . . when I tickle his lips he pulls them back and does something with his tongue. It's hard to describe. I need to get a video. Here is a picture . . .

This picture was from back in 2010 and it's not exactly what I'm talking about because he was trying to get my hand and normally he doesn't put his head in the air lol. It's close enough though.

2. What trick(s) have you taught your horse, dog, cat, husband, or kids? I'm not very good at training humans (and don't have kids) so nothing there lol. I don't have the patience to train a cat, so nothing there. I taught my Siberian Husky several tricks (sit pretty, high five, paw, shake head no, weave through legs, etc.) and I've taught my Beagle/Mountain cur dog over forty tricks. You can see a list of his tricks on my other blog Living A Farmer's Life ( I think the list is current. I might need to check on that. I've been doing clicker training with him since he was seven weeks old (now four years old). The list of things I've taught my horse Chrome can be found above on Chrome's Training Log page ( I haven't checked it in a while so it might not be current either lol. Guess I know what I need to work on. So yeah I love teaching tricks/behaviors. :D

3. What was the last movie you watched? Like at the theater? I think it was War Horse. I don't think I've watched a movie on T.V. in months lol, so don't really remember what the last one was lol.

Now my question . . .

Does your horse stuff (halter, blankets, brushes, etc) match? Do you have a color for each horse? If so, what is your horse's "color"? :D


  1. Oops, I forgot I scheduled Faran's hoof post for today. Sorry for the double post.

    To answer my own question, I'm sure you guys can totally figure that one out lol. Chrome's blue halter is the color I want ALL of his stuff to be. :D I have his halter, rope halter, saddle blanket, old baby blanket, etc. all in that color. If I were rich all of our stuff would match lol.

    Oh and my husband's and Faran's colors for SCA are going to be red/yellow (or gold). Chrome's will be blue/silver when we start doing SCA events. :)

  2. I'm so glad you hopped on!

    In my dreams I always wanted to have stable colors. When I was in high school my horse had everything red. I still have a few brushes with red painted backs.... those are ooollllddddd brushes!

    When I first got Pippin and Doc I bought a blue halter and bucket for Pippin and black for Doc. But that color scheme was thrown out the window when I went to get blankets. They were having a sale, so my choices were limited. Pippin got green and Doc got burgundy. Oh well. Now we don't match! Since then I haven't bothered with selecting specific colors.

    Faran will look stunning in red and gold! My son used to participate in SCA activities. He even brought Hubby and I to a supper and craft sharing. We borrowed garb and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

  3. Most of Shy's stuff is blue. Well. . .the brushes are blue by default and I don;t blanket her, but her buckets and halters are blue. Her lunge line, whip, and rhythm beads are teal. And when I get new pads for her harness, I am thinking blue or teal instead of black.

  4. Dolly's color is navy blue, Roxy's color is usually purple. Roxy looks good in black, chocolate, blue, or hunter green too though. I'm not sure what my new fella's color is yet. Right now he's in a canvas colored cavason. I think he'd look great in hunter green though.

  5. Pippi has a show color - purple. Her sleezy and sheet are purple along with my bridle bag and saddle cover and under show shirt (more light light purple). As for her regular winter jackets she doesn't have a color. She gets whatever is on sale. If I had another horse their color would probably be something different for their shoe clothes but they would get sale coats as well.

  6. Cute pic of Chrome. I sorta started using purple with Misty because it looked nice on her dark gray coat. But I didn't follow through with matching everything. I have one purple saddle pad. Her halter is purple, but her lead rope is pink. She has a 2nd halter and lead rope and both are pink.


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