Monday, March 19, 2012

Chrome's Monthly Progress Report

Yeah . . . this crappy photo is the best one I got! It's been raining non-stop so when I got a break I went for it. He was all wet (yeah OCD me brushed the dry parts lol) and we could not get him to stand square to save his life lol. Wiggly baby horse. P.S. Um, yeah he is butt high, but he is standing a little downhill so not that bad hehe.

Date: 3-19-12
Age: 2 Years & 10 Months (34 Months)
Height: 15.1½hh
Height Gain: From what I could tell he has only grown a smidge... not enough to try to put a number to lol.
Weight: I think I messed up his measurements, so I'm not sure how much he weighs. I'll try to get new measurements when this rain stops and edit this post later. For reference I'm using this Equine Weight Calculator for figuring out his weight.
Weight Gain: N/A

Progress: The suppressed hoof nerd has come out again. I've spent a LOT of time researching trimming barefoot hooves and even trimmed his front hooves myself for the first time. I still have a lot of work to do, but I'm taking it slow. We haven't really done anything else. It has been raining a lot and we've been busy repairing their barn. It's almost ready for them to start using again. Yay!! Oh and we did start working on a fitness program with Chrome. It's in hand and only walking, but involves a lot of stretching and a few strength building exercises (like backing uphill).

Goals: I want to keep working on his hooves. I also want to get back into his exercising and stretching program. I was doing really well until this weather went so nasty. I would like to do some clicker training, but we'll just have to see how that goes. My schedule has been nuts lately. I also want to get his teeth done and work on hauling in the trailer some more.

Anyway here are his pictures from March from the past two years to compare.




Chasing down the rock I threw to get ears forward lol.

Sorry for going nine days without posting. :( I've been busy!


  1. Thanks! If you go back to the beginning of this blog I got him when he was five months old and have been blogging/taking pictures since he came home so there are tons of baby pictures. :D

  2. Oh dear, I forgot how goofy he looked when he was a baby.

    Mango Momma


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