Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Faran's Hooves After Trimming

Okay, here are all of the pictures of Faran's hooves after his trim on Sunday. First I want to share a picture from when we brought him home in June 2011 for perspective . . .

And this is his fronts after being trimmed. Keep in mind due to his trust issues and foot handling issues this is the first time he's been properly trimmed in nine months and he did so well! All the practice really paid off.

So here are the rest of the pictures. First the solar views. The thing that seems really weird to me are his central sulcus. They are tiny, deep holes instead of grooves. Any thoughts? Also must mention she did trim his frogs, but not too much.

And side views.

And rear vies.

Sorry for the bad angle on the last one. I tripped and fell over my own dumb feet right before taking all of these pictures and I was hurting so by the end I was just in a hurry to be done lol. I'm fine thought. Just a scraped elbow and bruised leg lol. I'm a klutz. So let me know what you guys think!!


  1. Looking good, Big Guy! Soon, you'll be a real twinkletoes!!!


  2. You are so smart to take all of the pictures from every angle. Boy, do I wish I had done that! Obviously, great strides have already been made. It will be interesting to Faran's hoof shots in 6 to 12 months to those you took now.

  3. Hhhhmmmm, I'm not sure sure but those holes in the central sulcus might be some fungus. White Lightning would be your best bet, but since I'm guessing he won't tolerate having bags strapped to his feet for 40 minutes, you probably need a Plan B! One cheap and effective option that does not harm healthy hoof tissue is a 2/3 water and 1/3 Lysol 4-in-1 Cleanser mix. Personally, I like to use a combo of apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, oregano oil, grapefruit seed extract, calendula, and arnica as a daily anticungal spray.

    Overall, his hooves look decent. It's hard to tell with all the hair in the way, but it looks like his coronets might be a bit "jammed" in a few places, which indicates an imbalance (as do the cracks). Heels could maybe be pulled back a touch, as well. I'm sure others will chime in with better advice, but that's just my two cents. :-)

    If you get yourself a rasp and keep those walls rolled (maybe rasp once a week if be will let you), that will really help.

    Congrats on getting his feet where they are--they certainly have come a long way!!

  4. Ok, typing comments on a phone that does all kinds of crazy autocorrect things is not easy! Please ignore my many typos. :-)

  5. Good for you. Faran must be feeling a lot better and of course he is looking mighty fine now too. You are so right, all that training. Phew. But he is a lucky guy to be living with you.

    Mango Momma

  6. i wish i'd taken photos of Ozzy's feet when I first got him. they were soooo bad that i just called a farrier asap.

  7. Congrats on getting his feet done AND getting pictures! His feet have certainly come a long way though they still have a way to go. His right front looks flat and "off" to me. I can't tell due to the hair but it looks like his front hoof angles may be off? Really hard to tell but it looks like they may be bumped up a degree or two. Just my opinion remember!
    His heels look nice and hopefully with better nutrition and balance the cracks will start to grow out. Good luck!


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