Sunday, March 4, 2012

Quick update on hooves and trims!

Exciting news about Faran! He had all four hooves trimmed today!! And he didn't pull away even once!!!

My husband has been working on having Faran pick up all four hooves to have them cleaned out and he has improved a lot. He still feels the need to have his opposite side up against a fence or tree, but his balance is improving. It won't be long before he's able to pick up his hooves and stand out in the open. :)

Since the farrier was due we did a practice session with him last week and he did awesome. He still was occasionally pulling away, but I really think it's all a balance issue (when he feels off balance he panics and jumps away) because today when our trimmer did it she was using a hoof stand which apparently made him feel a lot more stable because he never pulled away or panicked. :D I'm so proud of him. His hooves still have a long way to go since they were so neglected before we got him, but they have improved a lot. I think this trim will make him feel a lot better because the long, long toes are finally gone. We're increasing his minerals and I think that will help the cracks and crumbly wall, especially once we start exercising him more. He needs exercise and stimulation to build a strong hoof.

Anyway I didn't get video or pictures of today, but I did get video from our practice session last week. Check it out . . .

I'll get photos of his hooves tomorrow to show you the improvement. I wish I had remembered to get before shots though. :( Oh well, you can use your imagination lol.

Chrome did great also! I'm finally noticing a difference in his behavior since we got him gelded and he's maturing. I love my colt! Anyway I'll post pictures of hooves tomorrow and I'll post about the books I got with Chrome's gift cards (for placing in Mango Minster 2012) soon too. I've already read one and a half out of three books and I've only have them three days lol.


  1. Well done, Faran! We're proud of you!

    BTW, we only just noticed (probably because that's normal here) that his tail isn't docked! That's really nice to see. In Europe, it's now illegal to dock horses' tails.

    Vidock the Percheron

  2. Vidock, yep we're happy that Faran's tail wasn't docked. He was a logging horse and it's only popular in show drafts over here I think. I'm hoping someday it will be banned here too. :)


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