Tuesday, March 6, 2012

First Blog Hop!

Sorry for the double post, but I just learned about blog hopping at the Living A Dream blog (http://livingadream2.blogspot.com/2012/03/hobby-horse-blog-hop-week-2.html) and wanted to try it before this one ended.

The rules are to link to Living a Dream and to answer several question, then leave a question at the bottom for my readers to answer in my comments. Here are the questions she asked us to answer . . .

1. Tell us about a special person you associate with your interest in horses. In what ways did (does) this person support you? I would probably have to say my dad or a trainer . . . my dad is the one who got me started riding horses. It's because of him that my family moved out of the city (he grew up on a farm riding horses) when I was five years old and got horses in the first place. He taught me how to brush them, tack them up, ride them, feed them, trim their hooves, train them, etc. :) My trainer I met when I was a teenager and she's the one who got me really interested in dressage. She gave me a job, let me ride a bunch of horses and taught me a lot. She still encourages me to this day to keep going, be confident in myself and answers all of my questions. :D

2. Carousels: Yes or No? Which horse do/did you choose to ride? I still like them lol! I always picked the black horse and pretended it was a Friesian. :)

3. What sort of books did you read when growing up? I read a ton of fantasy books, horse books, some Sci-Fi books, a bunch of the old classics, some romance novels, some mysteries, etc. Yeah I read a TON! I still love to read. Besides my laptop and camera, my Barnes & Noble Nook is my most valued possession. I never leave the house without it. Very convenient to have when you get stopped by a train lol.

And my question for my readers . . .

If you could ride one famous horse (doesn't matter how it's famous, could be an Olympic eventer or a war hero), which horse would it be? After you guys answer I'll probably leave a comment with my answer. :)


  1. If you decide to try the blog hop don't forget to use the 'Click here to enter link' to add your blog to the hop and use the 'Get the code here' link to post the Blog Hop to your blog post. :)

  2. I am so glad you found the Blog Hop and have hopped on board! Thanks, also, for following my blog.

    Now, to answer your question.... I would want to be able to ride Figure. This is the horse that was the foundation for Morgans and was later name Justin Morgan. I grew up reading stories about him and he those stories made him out to be very unique.

    I post a new blog hop Thursday afternoon or evening.

  3. You can probably all guess my answer to the question huh? A famous Friesian!! Like the Friesian in LadyHawke or Alexander The Great or Keegan or Romeo! Well not sure those last two are famous except for people who love Friesians, but you get the idea. I want to ride a purebred Friesian!!


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