Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas! - Equine Christmas Gifts!

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Merry Christmas!! I wanted to share our Christmas morning with the boys. Here is their stocking . . .

I made my husband hold it so you can see how big it is hehe.

We let Chrome check it out . . .

Want to see what is in it?

Chrome does too hehe. Do you like my husband's jacket? I got that for him for Christmas. :)

My husband removes the first item . . .

It's a bell! With a handy handle on it for Chrome to hold in his teeth. :D

Chrome held it for a second, but he wasn't incredibly interested in it hehe.

What else? What else? Observant readers probably already know, but if not you'll have to wait.

Faran finally got brave and decided to check out the stocking.

Stretches out to give it a sniff.

And gives it a nibble.

I was leaning over Chrome's butt to take this shot of them together lol.

While my husband was holding the stocking Chrome accidentally got it stuck on his head lol.

He proceeded to walk, completely unconcerned, to his feed bucket to check for breakfast.

My husband put the stocking over Chrome's back so Faran could look at it some more.
He completely smeared it with slime lol. I love this picture of him. Look at those beautiful brown eyes!

Faran also played with the bell a little.

He thought it was a treat! When he realized it wasn't he lost interest.

And pictures of Chrome modeling his Christmas present (that I've been wanting to buy for a while, but it has been too expensive and was finally on sale yay!).

My favorite color blue! Doesn't it look awesome on him? It's a little big (so hopefully his head will grow a little - anyone know if his head is as big as it will get at two and a half?), but I can always put more holes in it if necessary. It has an adjustable crown piece and chin strap. It also has the snap on the throatlatch which I love (lazy hehe). In the above picture the strap between the chin and throatlatch was shifted to the side. Normally it's below his jaw.

Isn't it cute on him?

What does Chrome think of his new halter?

You tell me!

Led Zeppelin was feeling like a scrooge. He wanted nothing to do with our celebrations and only wanted breakfast lol!

Sorry the pictures weren't that great. The lightning was bad and Faran was so dirty lol. I think they had fun though and I know I did! Merry Christmas everyone!!


  1. The new halter is splendid! Handsome as ever.

    Mango Momma

  2. Blue looks great on him. Happy new year

  3. OMG, soooo cute. I love the HUGE stocking you have!!! I want one of those!! The pictures are super and Faran's eye's sure are pretty! And Chrome looks pretty in BLUE! Merry Christmas!!!

  4. Merry Christmas to all of you!

  5. That stocking is as big as a sleeping bag! I like that they each had a go with the bell, but soon realized it wasn't food, boring.Tthe blue is fabulous! It looks really nice on Chrome. Faran is gorgeous as always.

  6. What a handsome pair! Blue really looks good on Chrome.


  7. That blue looks fantastic. I am normally a red on black horse type of gal but the blue is impressive. Congrats!

  8. Great halter. Pippi is six and she is still growing , head too. A few months ago I had to lengthen her bridle. Hopefully chromes will grow too


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