Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Chrome's Feeling Good!

Picture taken April 2010.

When I called the horses up to eat breakfast I could see Chrome kicking at the donkey and then he chased Faran around the barn. They started trotting across the pasture and Chrome cantered past Faran and did some athletic bucking and jumped the little creek (that is actually a ditch, but after all the rain looks like a creek haha). Faran gave a buck in response and they galloped up to eat their breakfast.

Chrome’s incisions look exactly like yesterday so no new swelling yay! Since it was thirty five degrees outside I decided to just take him for a short walk. Chrome felt GREAT! He was shaking his head, tried to nip me (only once!), rubbed his nose on the pavement, played tug of war with his lead rope and was prancing like a fancy Friesian stallion. He was soooo beautiful!! He would sort of prance beside me asking if he could trot and I’d start running and he would trot out beside me with his neck all arched and gorgeous. I love when my boy feels so full of himself. I hope he doesn't lose his presence and personality now that he's gelded.

During the entire walk he was walking up next to me, arching his neck, lowering his head, asking to trot, anything trying to earn a click (which of course I didn’t have my darn clicker) so I gave him a wither scratch and praise instead. He was so cute. We didn’t go far because I forgot to wear a hat and my ears HURT!!!

At one point when Faran and Zep galloped up to the fence Chrome flagged his tail and pranced beside me. He was so gorgeous! Sorry I keep saying that. Then I walked around the house and Faran thought we were going the other way down the road so he galloped (bucking half the way) around to the other road. Adorable!! I wish I'd taken my camera!

When I put Chrome up he trotted out to Faran with his neck arched to sniff noses. I guess this is the one good thing about cold weather is the horses feel so good (and look good feeling good!). :D


  1. Nothing but good going on...I am glad Chrome is feeling so good. You described him so well, I can just picture him prancing about, fun.
    I know what you mean about cold ears too, I really hate that feeling. I've been looking around for my ear muffs, it's about 34 around here too, I will find the darn things. That really does the trick for me.

  2. Mary, it's amazing the difference some warm ear coverage makes isn't it? :) I'll not forget any time soon to take mine after that kind of pain. I hope you find yours. Stay warm!


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