Monday, December 5, 2011

Working With Faran - Video!

Sorry for the double post today!

Okay, I finally had the time to work on Faran's post. Editing videos is so time consuming. I think I'll be getting some new video editing programs through my husband's school, yay! Hopefully it will be easier. :) Of course nothing makes uploading to YouTube any easier hehe. Anyway the first video is of my husband working on Faran's front hooves. I didn't put any captions, because I pretty much talk through the whole thing so you can tell what is going on. So have your volume up if you can.

For everyone who can not see the video here are some pictures. He did really well with his front hooves. :)

Here is the video of working with his rear hooves. Things seemed to start out okay, but our neighbor's came out of their house across the road and Faran got distracted. At that point he started refusing to pick up his hooves. We eventually gave up and had him pick up his front hooves again to end on a good note. I don't think he's ready to pick up his rear hooves right now. Everything was low key and calm though, so no harm done. :)

I didn't get any still shots of the rear hoof work, but here are some of Faran asking for treats. :) I love how much more comfortable he is with us.

After we finished the hoof work my husband asked him to lower his head, which you will see in the next video. Then we spent some time hanging out and taking pictures and he surprised us by offering to lower his head all by himself!! Check it out in this video.

Here are some still shots for everyone who can't view videos.

He's so smart lowering his head all by himself. :D Well, that's all for today. What do you think? Are they getting more comfortable together? My husband is still a little slow sometimes with his timing, but he's improving. He just needs more practice.


  1. I canot believe how many dapples he has!!!! Very cool on his feet!!!

  2. They look like they're really getting along :)

  3. Looks like a great partnership in the making.

  4. Hehehe...
    "Support his hoof!"
    "Click now!"

    Looks like Faran and your husband are really getting to be good friends. Well done.

    Mango Momma

  5. Good work! Hubby and Faran look like they are really enjoying each others company. And trusting each other too. Very cool!

  6. Janine, I felt the same way when I first saw them! I was so not expecting him to dapple, but it is very beautiful isn't it? :)

    Dom, they really do get along well. My husband has the perfect calm, laid back personality to deal with Faran (and me too I guess lol). I don't think I would mesh with him very well for training since our personalities clash so much.

    Emme, I sure hope so! They are getting off to a great start so far. :)

    Mango Momma, err yeah I get a little demanding when he's working with Faran. I should probably take a step back and let him figure it out on his own, but since both he and Faran are new to clicker training it's so difficult to do. It takes it all with good humor though. :D

    Mary, yes they are definitely building a foundation of trust! Faran needs that so much after the way he's been treated in his past. I'm just glad we found him and save him from any future abuse/neglect. He's here to stay forever. We love him.

  7. I had no idea you had gotten another new horse. Congrats! Faran is gorgeous! Will you be riding him?

    Just a note on the rear hooves, though. It seems to me that your husband is rewarding Faran when he is dropping his hoof or moving away from him unasked each time he gives him a treat. He might want to give a treat only when Faran completes the task correctly and completely. If he pulls the foot away or moves away, there should be no treat.
    By giving him a treat no matter what he does, your husband is inadvertently training Faran to do what you don't want him to do.

    As you know, horses learn from us all the time, even the stuff we don't want them to learn.



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