Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Failed Christmas Picture Shoot!

We decided to get the horses all dolled up for some Christmas pictures, but it was getting late and the lighting was horrible! Our skin turned out very overexposed in all of them. They were still cute though so I decided to post them anyway. Just focus on the cute horses instead of the scary glowing ghosts (me and my husband) holding them. We will try again another day, hopefully in the morning when the light should be better. Any suggestions on the right lighting for portraits?? I'll do some Google searches and see what I can turn up. Thanks guys! Enjoy the pictures.

Chrome enjoyed his thorough grooming. I even ran a damp rag over his coat to get rid of the dust streaks. :D

Trying to line them up so you could see the size difference between Faran and Chrome.

Isn't Chrome cute in his matching hat?? He doesn't look impressed, although he was such a good boy about wearing everything. The thing around his neck and along his mane is something I made with a hot glue gun, decorative silver rope, red bead string and silver jingle bells. It took forever, but was so fun. I'll try to get a better picture of it when we have better lighting.

They aren't lined up perfectly and the camera angle is off so you can't really see the height difference, but check out how different their backs are. Chrome's back is so much longer than Faran's! It won't look as long once he has some muscling through the loins, but it's still interesting to see how different they are. Are all Percherons so short coupled? Also look at the difference in their legs! Wow!

While my husband was fiddling with Faran's rope Chrome gave me the cutest picture ever! Check it out . . .

Look how CUTE he is!!

I got a lot of pictures like this one while I was resetting the self timer. Chrome was being a pest and kept trying to bite Faran lol. I think he was jealous of sharing the spotlight. :D

I love this one. Faran looks awesome (no clue what he was watching) all puffed up and makes my husband and Chrome look small lol. I like how my husband's face is framed between theirs hehe.

This one turned out pretty well even though I'm standing weird and Chrome's ear is back. I'm so proud of him for wearing the hat over on ear though lol. He's so tolerant!

Me and Chrome.

Led Zeppelin decided to join in and Chrome tried to tell him off hehe. Aren't they adorable?

This picture makes Chrome's face look so grown up.

I like this one. I was holding my tripod bag because I was throwing it to make him put his ears forward and he put them forward before I could even throw it LOL.

Always have to have a cute smiling picture.

Chrome is so cute. He's watching our neighbor driving down his driveway.

And now for some of hubby and Faran. I was so proud of Faran! He was so brave about the jingle bells. :)

Percheron rolkur? Haha just kidding. He was reaching for a treat.

Reaching for treats again. We've turned him into a total treat whore, but if that's what it takes to gain his trust that's what we will do. Besides he's always a perfect gentleman.

They are so cute together.

As it got darker the pictures turned out so grainy. Faran is so fuzzy in his wonderful winter coat.

Chrome was sooooo bored waiting while Faran got his picture taken. I caught him on the end of a yawn here.

At one point when we were preparing for a picture Zep tried to tear the tripod apart lol. He almost dragged it off. I chased him away and saved my camera, then a bit later he came up behind me while I was taking pictures. You can see me on the left side of the picture. Cutie Zep!

And the two best (not very good) group pictures that I ended up with . . .

We will try again when there is better light. :D Hoping for some that aren't overexposed. Thanks for checking out our first attempt. Later!


  1. They are all great photos!


  2. All are very, very, cool! I still sooooo love the dapples on Faran!!!

  3. Early morning or early evening for no shadows! Or a cloudy, cast over day! Good luck. :) Still, very cute photos. :)

  4. I know Chrome can be a brat sometimes but seriously he is just the most adorable thing ever in his santa hat.

    Mango Momma

  5. You got some very pretty shots! The jingle bells necklaces are creative and cute on your horses. Thanks for sharing!

  6. You guys are adorable! I love the matching blue hat.

  7. Chrome and Faran look great together. I love the jingle bells and hat. Cute pictures. They will be stunning in the right light. But these are really fun too and the beauty of the horses and Zep shines through.

  8. Great photos! It is too bad that the lighting was wrong otherwise they would have been perfect! Chrome is a big boy, isn't he? Faran is gorgeous too.

  9. I think they are great! it looks like you were having fun. Faran is such a good boy! Chrome is as cute as ever!


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