Sunday, December 4, 2011

Quick Chrome Update - Kinda Gross Details LOL

Picture taken 10-20-2009.

Just wanted to drop in for an update about Chrome's exercise program and healing from his gelding/castration. Yesterday after doing some research online I started using a warm, wet rag to moisten his scabs with. So our routine is use the compress on the scabs, longe for five minutes at the trot, use compress, longe five minutes in the other direction, etc.

Yesterday I managed to get the scab off of the right side and all of the swelling was gone by the time we finished longeing, but the left side was still a little swollen. I kept soaking and very, gently rubbing the scab until I peeled up one side, but by that time he had started to sweat (don't want him sweating too much in this cold rain), so I called it a night.

Today I worked on both scabs. This time it was the opposite side. The whole scab came off of the left side and all of the swelling worked out of it. Then the right side was being stubborn. I finally got the scab off and the swelling down. I think this is the first time both have been even in days lol. I bet he feels SO much better. :D

So both scabs are removed and the swelling is down in both sides. His sheath is still full of fluid, but it doesn't bother him and it's completely normal. I'm glad we've found something that works finally. The only thing that concerns me now is the ridiculous amounts of rain we're getting (we've set new record rainfalls, are under flash flood warning and water is standing out in the pasture because it can't get into the pond) has the ground soooo wet. Chrome is still a bit unhappy about the longeing process and sometimes takes off cantering and slips around. I'm terrified of him falling or pulling a muscle. We're moving spots each time we work (which is horribly tearing up our grass), but if this keeps up (supposed to rain two more days) we are going to run out of spots!! I wish I had an indoor arena lol. I'll just try to keep him in grassy areas so he hopefully won't slip. He's doing pretty good about slowing down when he does slip and I'm walking a little to move the circle over during each lap.

Anyway this weekend was crazy like I expected, so I'll get Faran's post up tomorrow since I don't have to work (thank goodness!!). Later!


  1. Some of the best advice I got on lunging is to let them slip - it makes them pay attention! Keep in mind that this is in reason. I had a mare who would pay no attention to me during lunging. She slipped and feel once, and it did wonders. I think she thought I pulled the rug out from under her and she never had wandering attention again.


  2. Thank you! That is definitely what I needed to hear. I forget that he's fallen on his own before out in the pasture and it isn't the end of the world. He will be okay and you're probably right, it would teach him to slow down and think about where he is putting his feet. In fact it's probably a good lesson for him to learn now on the longe rather than later while I'm riding him lol. Thank you for you comment.

  3. I was kinda thinking the same thing, he might be relying on you to hold him up, but I agree, it's tough to let em fall, but sometimes that might be a good thing. I hope he continues to heal. Bummer about the rain though, makes things a little difficult to say the least.

  4. Bombay was being boarded at his breeding facility when he was gelded, and I was working full-time, so I missed out on the experience. I wonder if the breeder had to do all that work afterwards. I was such a clueless horse owner back then.

  5. Mary, I agree is it hard to let them fall, but I guess everyone has to every once in a while hehe.

    NuzMuz, sometimes I wish I were at a boarding facility during this whole process because it's so stressful, but all in all it's gone well and I've learned a lot. :) I don't think I ever want to have another horse gelded though. It's so emotionally draining because I worry so much.


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