Friday, September 16, 2011

How I Spend My Sick Time

I'm sick so there won't be a whole lot going on right now. Tomorrow Chrome is getting his teeth done so I'll try to take pictures of that. For now I'm passing my time looking are videos of Friesian/Arabian crosses on YouTube and I found one of Chrome's half siblings. She's living in Missouri now. Check out the video.

She's pretty isn't she?

And here is one of his half brothers. I think his mom was a Morgan though.

Anyway I'm going to watch more videos until it's time to go to work and hope that I can breathe soon. I haven't had a cold in so many years I forgot how miserable it was lol.


  1. That is very cool! I love the Freisan/Arab cross. Now I really can't wait to see what he's going to be like when he "grows up".

    Sorry you got the snorts, not fun.

    And as for Fred...He HATES water. But for some weird reason he jumps right in to the bath tub for a bath. So I think he's giving me the business. (baby) Basically if he had a choice, he'd rather not go in the river.


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