Thursday, September 29, 2011

Stills From Video Posted Yesterday

Here are the stills from the video I posted yesterday. Since I'm taking the snapshots from a video they aren't great quality, but he's handsome in them anyway hehe.

Chasing the Tiger (trot)

The goal with having him trot with his head down is for long and low work at liberty. It's the beginning work done for dressage to teach them to lift and use their backs while stretching the topline. This is especially important with breeds that have a naturally high set like the Friesian (imagine that) and the Arabian (double dose for Chrome). Eventually this will be taught on a longe line as well, but since he's young I'm trying to keep him off of repetitive circles.

This one he's almost in dressage frame. He needs a little more impulsion to finish rounding his back and bringing up his shoulders. At least I know he can do it. :D I can't wait to start dressage lessons! I probably won't put him into formal lessons until he's four though since arena work can sour them if they aren't mature enough.

Chasing the Tiger (canter)

Look how high he brought his rear leg up to kick/stomp the Tiger.
This is where he stepped on it, accidentally ripping it from my hands in the video.

Beginnings of Spanish Walk (or stomp lol)

I love this shot. You can't see the whip or "Tiger" so it looks like he's about to charge me lol.

Playing with the whip & Lateral Flexion

Shoulder Yields

I love when he steps across so well. :)

Goofing Off


He dropped the treat so I reached down to grab it. I LOVE that neck!

A hug. In the video you'll see he tried a lateral flex to his left and then tried a shoulder yield.
He wasn't ready to stop training hehe.

I love my pretty boy.

Chrome checking out the camera.

One last smile. I hope all of you who can't view videos enjoyed the pictures. :D


  1. I loved them both. He was really reaching high!

  2. Those are some nice still shots, I like his expression in a lot of those shots. Good job in his progression!

  3. Wow!!!! I can't believe all of the progress you've made with him. Good work. Very impressive. He's gorgeous too.

  4. I taught Cole to trot on the lounge in a dressage frame, first, before he started to do it under saddle. I just clicked whenever I saw him do something I liked. He will now trot all rounded like he has side reins and everything, but he is in just a halter. I never used side reins. He holds the position without any support.

    He also does it in hand with me trotting at his side. I am teaching him to follow the beat of my feet.

    I'm sure Chrome will do the same. Clicker makes some things so easy.


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