Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Scare & Fellow Bloggers

I just wanted to take a moment to post about Andrea and Gogo from Eventing-a-Gogo (http://eventing-a-gogo.blogspot.com/). They are such an amazing team facing a tragedy. Gogo sustained an injury two years ago that refused to heal despite Andrea's never ending meticulous care and now she's injured herself again. This time the damage is more than likely permanent and progressive. :( So now Andrea is facing one of the most difficult decisions that horsewomen face. I just want to lend my support and to let her know that I'm praying hard for a miracle right now because I can't even begin to imagine the pain she is in right now. Gogo is a really amazing, beautiful mare and neither one of them deserves to be going through this right now. If you could keep her in your thoughts/prayers or even make a donation (click here for more information) I would very much appreciate it.

I also wanted to mention Kelly, Lex and Hennessy from Princess Diva Diaries (http://princessdivadiaries.blogspot.com/). Lex is Kelly's daughter and Hennessy is Lex's best equine friend. She's also having to deal with an injury and the difficult decision that comes of it. And Lex is only seventeen years old. It isn't right she should have to go through this or make this kind of decision at that age. So if you could offer your support and prayers for her too that would be really great. I feel like we are all part of a big equine blogging family and supporting each other during that kind of pain is what families do. Thanks guys.


My new favorite picture of Faran! He looks like a Friesian in this picture lol.

Now for a scare of my own. Having read about Gogo and Hennessy and having them almost constantly on my mind I realized I haven't been spending much time with Chrome. I couldn't for a while because of the heat rash, but it's past time to get out there and spend time with him because life is fragile and we have no guarantee of how long it lasts.

I wanted to work on his hooves a little because they were chipping, but mainly I just wanted to spend some time with him. However when I went out there I noticed Faran stretching out to pee . . . only he didn't pee. I watched him do it two more times before some urine finally dribbled out. Then he tried one more time before he got distracted and gave up. He ate his breakfast fine and was happily grazing on grass. He didn't appear to be in pain. He wasn't straining or grunting. So I got my husband and we took his temperature, which was fine. I also checked his gums and pinched his skin to check hydration. All was fine. The only other simple thing I could think of was that maybe he had a bean in his urethra. I have no idea if anyone who has had him before ever cleaned his sheath or removed the bean, so it was definitely a possibility.

Unfortunately Faran is still wary of certain things and I didn't quite trust him to just reach in there and check. It puts me in too venerable of a position. So we decided to take them up to the house to groom them in hopes that he would relax and drop on his own. I beveled Chrome's hooves to take care of the chipping (he was sort of a brat, but then he always is lately, really need to get him gelded). We brushed both of them and detangled Faran's mane and tail. Maybe I'm glad Chrome didn't get the Friesian hair gene lol. What a lot of work. :) We need to work with Faran on water because he really needs a bath.

I love the shadows. :D

So when Faran relaxed I donned a glove and some lubricant and checked. I didn't feel anything, but he sucked up as soon as I got too personal, so I could have missed something. I figure though that if it was big enough to prevent him from peeing that I would have felt it. So that basically rules out a bean.

We took them for a short walk and I got some pictures, but it was getting warm and I hadn't eaten anything all day so we went home. As soon as we turned them out in the pasture Faran walked a short distance and peed enough to fill one of the Great Lakes. :D So maybe he was stretching? I'm just relieved he's okay. I'm still going to be watching him closely though.

Below are the rest of the pictures.

Chrome was bored hehe.

Until he caught the scent of horses who passed through yesterday.

After smelling the road he did the flehman, too cute! The picture is crap though lol.

Stopped to talk to some guys and Chrome had to check out the huge tractor.

I forget how big Faran is until I see pictures like this.

I love his shadow. It looks like a really fat mini lol!

My boys. :D

Gave hubby the camera.
I look weird though because I'm leaning back so Chrome's mane would be in the picture.
The wind was blowing it around. Too cute. :)

Check out the reflection in my sunglasses! Too cool!

Checking out the neighbor's dogs.

Gorgeous boy.

Cute ass!

Their tails look so nice all brushed out and blowing in the breeze. :)
I wish Faran had been completely in the picture.

Faran makes Zeppelin look tiny!

That's all for today!


  1. I hope Faren is OK. Glad you were able to do an exam. I am going to go visit your horse pals now.

    Mango Momma

    p.s. Faren is HUGE! Cute ass. Hehehe.

  2. I hope Faran was just stretching and beng Faran. No fun cleaning thosdelicate areas, no matter how well behaved, UHG. I'd still take a gelding over a mare any day...I love Farans face in that last photo, so pretty. All the pictures are grat, as usual. Every body looks pretty happy, and nice ass!

  3. Super photo shoot. You've got some wonderful boys there! I especially love the reflection picture. Too cool!

  4. Nice photos. Sounds like Faran will be ok but good idea to keep an eye on him. They all look very happy and content I really like the photo of Chrome yawning.


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