Sunday, September 4, 2011

New Favorite Eye Picture & Faran Update

Sorry I haven't been around. I'm going to start trying to do better again. I was really on a roll before and then a bunch of things kept going wrong one after another. Now that everything is settled I should be able to pick back up. We're also getting a break in the heat wave soon so I'll feel like going outside and playing with the horses again. And they will feel like leaving the protective shelter of the barn (from the flies) to play again.

Quick update on Faran. The swelling in his leg is gone and he's perfectly fine. Now if only the boys can hold things together for a while lol. Since it's about to cool off some I'm going to take my wagon and wire cutters out on the thirty acres and start cleaning up any wire I can find. I really don't think they are doing it on the perimeter fence. It could be the barn too. It's a really old barn so I'll look for sharp stuff there. Hopefully once I clean up they will stop injuring themselves.

We finally found a way to mow the pasture. Our neighbor is letting us borrow his tractor and brush hog so we're slowing getting through it. It won't take long with this cold front coming through to get it done. Hopefully it will help with the ticks and the rain rot. :) While my husband was mowing the horses were being nuts!! I got home in time to catch some of it on tape. Here is a sneak preview picture. It will take me a while to get the video edited. I had/have to work this whole holiday weekend (looooong hours) so it'll be next week sometime.

I love their expressions!! I got some other really cute ones I can't wait to share.

Also this has to be my new favorite picture of Chrome's eye. I love how his forelock is laying. Such a cutie!

Sorry for the copyright. I wanted to do it that way because it's harder to steal the picture. With my usual copyright I'm still taking a risk because it can just be cropped out. This way the whole picture would have to be edited, which would mess up the quality. :) Probably wishful thinking.

Anyway I also want to apologize for not reading anyone's blogs. I've been so super busy that I've been using the mark as read button. :( I'll try to catch up soon, but more than likely I'll just have to miss a few posts. I hope everyone is doing well. Leave a comment if I missed anything big and I'll try to come over and read about it.


  1. You sure have a lot going on. No worries. We all mark all as read from time to time. Looking forward to the cracker horse movie.

    Mango Momma

  2. I can't wait to see the video, I haven't posted much either, I have a video of Fred swimming in his life jacket that needs a bit of editing, but it's pretty good. I'm going back to the river tomorrow so I should get more footage. How do you do the water marks? I can't seem to figure it out. I saw the option once and now I can't figure where it was...send me an e-mail on that if you get a chance. I'm glad you're able to get the pasture cleaned up and that the weather if finally giving you a break, we are expecting upper 90's to 100 this week, finally, summer...I will not complain.

  3. The donkey's face! Hilarious!

  4. That is a great preview picture. Looking forward to the video. Blog when you can and blog without guilt. Sometimes you gotta take care of life. I often have trouble keeping up with all the wonderful blogs I want to read. Work and chores take a lot of time.

    Beautiful picture of Chrome's eye.

  5. I can understand you not having the time to blog I am finding it hard to check out everyone’s blogs, leave comments and then do posts of my own. But it will be good to see some more posts from you looking forward to it, and I will try to keep up.


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