Monday, September 12, 2011

Hoof Trims

The horses got their hooves trimmed today and she was able to do all four of Faran's hooves!!! Such an amazing improvement over last time when she could barely pick up his rear hooves. He still has a bunch of cracks, but his toes are shorter and his hooves are balanced so I'm happy. Now hopefully the soreness and random swelling in his leg will go away. Our farrier said the swelling was from the really long toe putting strain on his joints. I'm so happy with how he did.

Unfortunately I didn't get picture or anything. Chrome was sort of a brat even though I took him for a walk and did some light lunging beforehand. I can't wait to get him gelded lol.

Faran was still nervous and had to be coaxed and bribed (treats lol), but we got it done without having to resort to harsh methods so I'm thrilled. I love clicker training. Even though we've only done a handful of clicker session on his hooves it made a huge difference. :) Next month it will go even better. :)

Now if only I could get the darn donkey tamed down. ;D


  1. We are putting shoes on Baron for the first time next week, getting him ready for Keuring. Are you on Facebook? I post most of my Baron pictures there...


  2. Congrats on Faran! Hopefully the random swelling will now disappear like you hope.
    Does Zep get his feet done? I am assuming not with your comment, how fun that will be. Ha! Coming from someone who went through it, I send my sympathy. When you get to the feet, wear a helmet! Donkeys are darn quick and it is better safe than sorry.

  3. I am glad the boys behaved...sort of. I am sure it was a relief to get Farans feet taken care of. I hope this helps with whatever it is that's been bugging him. Good luck with the Ledster, I have no experience with donkeys, but they sure do crack me up every time I see one. From what I've read they are pretty smart, so i have a feeling once you can do some real work with him, it will go pretty smoothly. (fingers crossed)


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