Tuesday, September 13, 2011

An Escape!

Just had a fright. All three brats got out. My husband has been spreading grass seed and he got a flat so he drove the four wheeler up to the barn to fix it. He had to go to the store to get some supplies and apparently had only leaned the panel we use for a gate up and didn't fasten it thinking it wouldn't take long. Apparently one of them decided to go for a joy ride and knocked the panel down.

When the neighbors alerted us the horses were nowhere in sight. We walked all over, calling and whistling, then we drove all over. Our neighbors decided to try whistling again and Chrome came trotted up the very steep thickly wooded hill across the road from our house. He trotted up to her and stopped less than an arm's length away, then he turned to look back where Faran and Zeppelin were hiding. My neighbor used her dog's leash to catch Chrome and her friend tried to catch the others. Zeppelin let her touch his nose and then turned and galloped off. The brat donkey started biting and chasing Faran back into the trees, so the neighbor with Chrome led him to the pasture. Luckily the other two came back and followed them in. I'm so thankful traffic wasn't heavy because people speed down our road all of the time.

So they are all safe and sound, hot and tired, but fine. This has only made me even more determined to get Zep halter broke though. Even if we do though I don't think he'll ever let a stranger halter him . . . I think I'm going to pen him up by the house so I can work with him frequently throughout the day. He's going to be pissed being separated from his buddies, but maybe he'll seek comfort in me. I hope. I just hope he doesn't keep the whole neighborhood awake with his braying. We'll see. Maybe I can keep him up in the day and let him go at night. I'll figure something out, but I need a way to work with him without traipsing all over thirty acres.

Anyway I'm just glad they are okay. I was having horrible thoughts of Chrome going through a fence to get to a mare or a car hitting him. It was horrible. Every time they've gotten loose before they just grazed in our yard or our neighbor's yard. Eeek! I'll definitely be making sure my husband secures the gate from now on.


  1. That is such a scary event. Misty got out one time and I was so panic stricken I couldn't operate a telephone. What a great neighbor you have. I'm so glad you got all three kids back home safely.

  2. That's the kind of excitement you didn't need.

  3. Oh no! As someone who has had the horses escape and recently had my own escapee, I understand the panic. I am glad you were able to find everyone in a short period of time and they all got home safely.

    I commend you for forcing the donkey to become tame. I would recommend not turning him out at night because you do want him to associate you with comfort. Maybe pen him in a way he can see or be near the others? I think if you can tame him he would let others halter him, my donkey does now. Good luck, I look forward to the stories!

  4. Thanks guys!

    I forgot to mention that we actually had four different neighbors looking for them. I only mentioned the ones who found them, but I am so thankful for my amazing neighbors and the way they dropped whatever they were doing and helped us look. I got two phone calls from neighbors within minutes of each other letting us know they'd escaped. It was scary and I can imagine it might have turned out differently if not for my awesome neighbors. :)

  5. Holy Crap! I'm speechless. I am just really glad that every one is safe.

  6. Jail breaks are the scariest! I am so glad your neighbor was on the spot to help with the capture. I am sure the brat pack thought it was a grand adventure.

    Mango Momma


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