Sunday, April 8, 2012

Cartoon Chrome

Have you ever seen the Fergus cartoons? Click here if you haven't. Someone shared them on Facebook the other day and it got me wanting to try drawing cartoon horses again. When I was a kid I used to draw comic strips about an old man and his Great Dane, but they weren't very good. So anyway, I decided to try drawing Chrome. I'm also going to do Faran and Zep soon. Eventually, after lots of practice, I'll try making comic strips with the three of them. I already have a few ideas.

It takes me hours to do one drawing (and I need to practice making them smaller, these are the size of a full sheet of printer paper) because I'm such a perfectionist I keep erasing and starting over lol. I tried to make it look like a cartoon by exaggerating the movement, making the joints bigger and making a more human looking eye. I still see a few things I need to work on, but I think the face captures Chrome's personality, especially with his forelock going to both sides like it always does in real life. :)

Any hints or tips? I'm not trying to make it look like a realistic horse (not good enough for that lol), so any tips for making it look more like a cartoon while still making it look like a horse/Chrome? I'm not happy with the hooves and the legs are soooo difficult, but they are getting there. On the galloping one I got the angle off and his forehand is higher than it's supposed to be. The rear hoof on the ground is also not at the right angle because it doesn't look like there's any weight on it at all (not to mention the rear hoof in the air is quite a bit smaller, I've always been horrible at proportions). Anyway, sorry the picture quality isn't great. Photographing pencil drawings is difficult!! It was even so light my copier wouldn't print anything! So what do you think? You can click the pictures to enlarge them.

And here they are after I lightened them up and used GIMP to darken the lines.

I wanted to try coloring them in, but Chrome is such a weird color (going gray) that I decided not to even try lol!

EDIT: OMG I just realized in the trotting one he's pacing!!!! Ahh! Oops!


  1. Cute drawings, much better than I can do. Too funny you noticed the pacing because I saw it right away. You can take a book out of Spirit; Stallion of the Cimmeron and use eyebrows to help convey emotion? Good job!

  2. Lol on the pacing. You are a very good artist.


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