Sunday, January 23, 2011

Another Walk

I took Chrome for a walk, the full two miles this time. He was very alert and excited at the beginning because it was so cold, a little windy and I guess because it had been so long. He was crowding into me when walking on my right. We had a bit of a disagreement over that, but nothing major. He just met my elbow a couple of times lol. My husband tried to go with me so he could take some pictures, but his back was hurting too bad and we set a fast pace (I love a horse who walks out with energy).

Chrome was being a bit pushy around the neighbor's horses, but he was still listening. We trotted a little after we had passed them because I wanted to get warmer. When I was tired he came right back down to an energetic and obedient walk. He was pretty "looky" through the whole walk, but not exactly spooky.

When we got to my neighbor's house (a mile down the road) he was interested in the cattle but not scared. He did spook a little at a sign hanging from a gate by the gravel road, but not really big or anything and it's only because I picked it up so it would bang against the metal gate. I did it was few more times until he didn't react. When we finally headed back he was yawning. He wanted to graze (I wouldn't let him) and I think that's what it was about. He quit pretty quick.

When we got about a third of the way back he started to lag a bit. It was also starting to rain and I don't know if it was that or because he was tired. It was really annoying me, but I didn't force the issue. When I got my neighbor's with the horses (about two thirds of the way back) I called my husband and asked him to bring me my raincoat (rain was getting heavier) and to take my camera so it wouldn't get wet. Chrome was impatient while I switched coats. Then he was a brat about not wanting to go because of the other horses. We had a slight disagreement (I swung the rope at his haunches to get him to walk on, but he would stop again when I caught up with him), but he did eventually start walking next to me when he realized I wasn't going to give up and probably because we got far enough past the other horses that he lost interest.

By the time we got back to the house he was walking calmly at my shoulder again. I was so proud of him so I went to get some treats (yeah I know I should have taken them with me). As soon as he realized I had treats he started mugging me so I ignored him. He actually looked away!!!! He also lowered his head some. It was awesome considering we hadn't done any clicker training since last summer. :D I was so proud that he actually remembered his lessons.

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