Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Walk

I took Chrome for a walk as soon as I got home from work. We went on our two mile route although I cut it a little short (didn't feel like walking up the big hill lol). I haven't been walking in a while so I'm out of shape. He did fantastic. He only spooked once at a stump, but it was more just googly eyes and he was perfectly willing to walk right to it.

He wanted to see the horses so he hit the end of his rope a few times and trotted a little bit. As soon as I said whoa or easy he went back into a calm walk. He had a very eager, fast walk the whole time except for a tiny bit as we passed the horses for the first time he wanted to lag behind. He was interested in the cattle, but not spooky. He did fantastic with vehicles. He barely even looked at them. He only stopped five or six times to looks at things (Zep, horses, cattle, trash can). I give my boy an A++. Sorry I didn't take my camera. :)

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