Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Clicker

I did a really quick session with Chrome after work because my coworker was late. I worked on head down from both sides with and without my hand on his poll. I also worked on backing with me standing beside him, facing forward. And I worked on his whoa, using my hand on his chest as a cue. Other than accidentally taking my finger for a treat he did fantastic!!!

I didn't work on much because it was getting dark and he was doing so well I didn't really know what else to work on. I need to get the target out to refresh that. I also need to work on adding vocal cues to everything. Tomorrow since he's doing so well on the head lowering I'll probably put a halter on him so he learns it to halter pressure. Then I'll work on getting his head all the way to the ground . . . then eventually add duration. I'm so happy with how quickly he
s progressing. :) I love my colt!!

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