Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chrome's Monthly Progress Report

** The picture is really bad. It was too dark to not use flash, but flash looks horrible. He is really butt high right now (more than it appears in this picture because his left rear foot is forward) so I'm betting he's starting another growth spurt. He's been looking so gangly lately.

Date: 1-19-11
Age: 20 months
Height: 14.3¾hh
Height Gain: Only a quarter of an inch this time. So much for him making 15hh this month lol. Oh well, he'll get there. There's no hurry.
Weight: The weight tape still said 810lbs. Hmm.
Weight Gain: I'm not convinced the weight tape is accurate, but it said he didn't gain any weight at all this month. It did finally get really cold this month so I guess it could be that, since he's using more energy to stay warm. I'm not too worried about it. He looks great and that's what matters. :)

Progress: Ugh, I didn't really get anything productive done this month. I did work on some desensitizing and went walking, but that's about it. It was cold this month and I've been busy so I'm not too worried about it.

Goals: I still want to work on softening exercises, specifically yielding. I want to do more walking. I want to start clicker training again, but that will depend on how cold it is. Operating a clicker is difficult when its cold! :) That's all for this month.

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