Monday, July 6, 2015

Hay Excitement

Rocky is so cute.  He was walking toward me and next thing I know...

...he plastered his nose to the camera hehe.

We put out a new bale of hay (outside since the weather seems to be improving) and Chrome was feeling good.  He was galloping around, bucking, jumping, just being nuts.  He always gets a little wound up when we get hay because I won't let him into the area where the hay is store (pallets, bricks, holes, wire, too many dangers) so I have to chase him out of the round pen when I'm opening gates for hubby to drive the tractor through.  He uses that as an excuse to goof off.  Rocky got into the fun some too!  It was so nice seeing him galloping and bucking, but I'm worried he might have over done it.  By the time I got hubby's phone to take videos Rocky was a little less forward.  I so wish I'd had the phone when they first started playing around because Rocky did a huge, floating, gorgeous trot that looked like anything but a Quarter horse trot hehe.

Here is the video.  Sorry it's so long and shaky.  I got stung by a wasp on my right hand and it was too swollen to use so I took all of the video with my left hand.  It shows them playing bitey face, bucking, following the tractor, etc.

Here are some random pictures I got.

 Looks like he's playing, but he was just scratching (biting) his chest.

 Rocky and Zep at the hay bale.  Hubby was getting 
the hay ring with the tractor while they ate.

 Chrome was grazing because he thought I didn't want him by 
the hay bale lol.  I had to shoo him in that direction.

 A picture of my whole herd!!  I love it!

 Poor itchy boy.

 Two someones are peeking at me hehe.

 Sweaty Chrome!!  He kept his braid in overnight.  

He rubbed it some, but it's fine.  The ear looks okay.  Can't wait for it to heal up.

 Eating together like good boys!!

We had to put wire over the hay ring to keep the goats out of the hay, but we pull it down so Zep and the goats can still reach some.

Here's my swollen hand.  It got way worse before it got better, but I'm now using it to type (a little painful, but not bad) so yay!  Now it's time to succumb to the Benadryl.  Night!!


  1. Trust me, the goats WILL find a way into the hay. You won't need to pull it down, speaking as someone who has had goats in the past ;)

    1. We've been using the hay ring like that for nine months and they haven't figured it out yet. I think it's because they are so beefy and heavy, even for miniatures, that they just can't jump that high. They can't get up on the cable spool either which is about horse chest height. Keeping my fingers crossed it stays that way hehehehe. :) The younger, lighter female goats we had when I was growing up (I think they were Nigerian Dwarf instead of African Pygmies) could have easily found a way up there.

  2. omg your poor hand! love the pics of the whole herd too :)

    1. It's my favorite picture! I think it's the only one where I have the whole herd in one picture. :D

      My hand is still swollen, painful and extremely itchy. It got better for a while, but I couldn't take benadryl at work and was having to lift horse feed so it swelled back up. Hoping tonight when I can take more meds that it will go back down.

  3. Your hand looks terrible. Hope it gets better soon.

    1. Thank you! The sad thing is that picture actually makes it look not that bad. It's worse in person!!! I've never been stung on the hand before... it's way worse than the time I was stung on the leg. I hope it never happens again. :( See the comment above for how it's progressing. I'm hoping it will be better by tomorrow.


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