Sunday, July 12, 2015

Picture Spam

Nothing new is going on with the horses, so I'll just share a bunch of random pictures.  :)

 This is the first apple he's had since we learned he had laminitis.
He really shouldn't have them...

 ... it's so hard to say no though!

 Such a soft expression.

 King of side eye!

 Chrome watching hubby dig up dirt and grass samples to get tested.

 He was so curious about the shovel and bucket, 
but the flies were driving him crazy so he stayed near me.

 More side eye!  So cute!

 I noticed Rocky dropped his apple, so I gave it to him.  
Chrome heard him chewing and gave him this look.

Rocky is not locked up by the way.  He just likes to stand in that shady spot in the round pen.  The round pen is left open.

 Zep was curious and came to see what I was doing.

Love his mohawk!

 Then Rocky got curious why I was kneeling down and taking pictures, so he came to see me.

 Then made a bunch of silly faces!

 New favorite Rocky picture!!

 So silly!

 Zep looks so handsome in his summer coat.

 A profile shot.

 Some artsy shots showing his beautiful markings.

 Love his barring.

 As well as his shoulder cross.

 I kind of like how the leaves got in the way.  :)

 Finally Rocky couldn't take it anymore and chased Chrome out of the shade.

 They just had to see what hubby was doing with that shovel and bucket.

 More side eye.  :)

 What is this bucket??

 Can I eat it?

 Will it eat me??  Chrome was being a dork.

 I love black and white photos of Chrome!

 Then Zep and his posse followed.  

Hubby said to imagine the goats wearing numerous, heavy gold chains and necklaces around their necks..... gangsta goats!

 Another black and white.  Love this!  Aren't brown goat's horns impressive??

 Van Gogh's ear looks much better.  Still can't ride though.

 The goats have stripped these saplings of leaves.  Good boys!!

 Donkey silhouette!!  Love!!!

 Nose tickles!

 So handsome! 

I wish his summer coat lasted longer, but it seems like he barely finishes shedding before he starts growing in a new one!  That's one reason I wanted to get all of these pictures.

 He loves his peppermint scented Jolly ball!  New favorite Zep picture!

 Then Rocky was curious about it.

 When Rocky went back to grazing, Zep started nibbling on him.  Cute!

 Finally my boy going for a swim to cool off while Rocky grazes nearby.

Sorry for the picture overload! I had no idea there were that many until I'd already started uploading them hehe.  I hope you enjoyed them!


  1. Gangsta goats! Yes! I could see that :)

    Seriously, those donkey ears are adorable!

  2. Pictures are always good!

    Monty and Harlow

  3. Heh heh heh, the 'gangsta goat posse'


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